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How to use dongle apple CarPlay?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to use dongle apple CarPlay?


What is dongle apple CarPlay?


Simply speaking, it is a converter to convert different car systems for different cell phones.

The most common CarPlay box is the conversion between Carplay, Android Auto and other car systems, and the conversion of wired to wireless for unified car systems.


What are dongle apple CarPlay features?


The ability to convert Android and non-Android car systems to each other, depending on what car system you want to convert to and what features that car system supports, depends on the functionality.


①Wireless CarPlay Adapter

Prerequisite: original factory wired CarPlay

What you get is plug and play wireless CarPlay


dongle apple


②Wireless Android AUTO Adapter

Prerequisite: original factory wired Android AUTO

What you get is plug and play wireless Android AUTO


③CarPlay AI BOX

Prerequisite: original factory wired CarPlay

What you get are plug and play wireless CarPlay & Android AUTO & full android system


dongle apple


How to solve some problems arising in the process of using the dongle apple CarPlay?


Take Binize most popular CarPlay AI BOX as an example.


Q: My car does not respond after plugging in the box


A1: Reset the original system, re-check the CarPlay option in the settings.Because your car still has a history of previous CarPlay use, so you need to clear the whole thing, or you can think of the box as a brand new phone that needs to be matched with Bluetooth and wifi.


A2: Check the total number of jacks in your car, if there are more than one, please try a different interface, because generally speaking, the car will set multiple interfaces to meet different needs, for example, the definition of charging and data transfer interface is not exactly the same


A3: Matching different power cables, here we recommend using original cables or better quality ones, because the cable bundle also affects the data transmission. If it is found that there is insufficient voltage to drive the dongle apple CarPlay, a Y-shaped harness will be required.


dongle apple


Q: After plugging in the box, which Bluetooth should I connect?


A: Once the box is connected successfully, you can see the dongle apple CarPlay and your original car as a whole, and the whole box is your new car stereo system.At the same time, you can actually see it as a cell phone, because it can connect to WiFi, insert the sim card, and get the network to say the service


Q: When I use carplay, my original WiFi connection always stays off?


A: This is the way how wireless CarPlay works.Wireless CarPlay is realized through two factors, WiFi and Bluetooth, and the steps of the CarPlay function are to first establish a wireless link through Wi-Fi, and then establish a CarPlay Bluetooth session through Apple's Bonjour service. This is also the reason why we design a SIM card as the internet provider.


Q: Can my Porsche use that dongle apple CarPlay?


A: Generally speaking, as long as your car has factory wired CarPlay and is not Android, then this box can be used, with a 98% compatibility rate. You can also think of it as a decoder box to decode your original car system, so for high-end models, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche series, we are not very practical to try, because the in-vehicle protocols of these models are themselves encrypted in layers and require higher-end and huge data algorithms to decode them.