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FAQ for CarPlay Android System Box

FAQ for CarPlay Android System Box

YuanYuan Liu |

FAQ for CarPlay Android System Box


Q: 1. The unit running speed is a little bit slow, how to deal with that?


A: About the slow running of the box, dear, The degree of adaptation of different models is different. According to customer feedback, our CarPlay Android box has the highest matching degree with the Toyota Tundra, but it cannot be regarded as a 100% matching rate, because after all, it is not the original system.





Q: 2. When opening Waze while playing music in Spotify, the sound will be different?


A: About the different audio sound effect from Waze and Spotify, According to our preliminary analysis, there are two reasons, one is because of the waze map settings, because when using the map and music at the same time, the playback of the media volume will be mixed by default, and the map's prompt sound is defaulted to have the first Level, so sometimes when you quickly switch to the music play interface, the system may have a lag in response, and it will be better to restart the system at this time. The other reason is that the sound of different playback software is also different. Player sounds can vary greatly, for example, the way music audio is expanded is different for each, after all, most music files are compressed. Some players will force a hard solution, while others will output it to the decoding module after a soft solution. And you actually adjust the player's own delay sound will be different.


Q: 3. You can't connect to WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time? Why on earth not?


A:About the WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time, This is the way how wireless CarPlay works from the CarPlay Android box.First, the iPhone and the car are connected via Bluetooth, then the car will send the WIFI certificate to the iPhone, and then the iPhone and the car will be connected via WIFI, and finally the CarPlay session is created.Secondly, because this is a box designed for cars, it is more considered to be used during driving, and it cannot be connected to a stable WiFi signal source during driving, so we recommend using a SIM card to provide the network.





Q:4. WIFI keeps turning off by default even though I set CarPlay Android box to auto connect?


A: About the WIFI keeps turning off by default, This is the way how wireless CarPlay works. Wireless CarPlay is realized through two factors, WiFi and Bluetooth, and the steps of the CarPlay function are to first establish a wireless link through Wi-Fi, and then establish a CarPlay Bluetooth session through Apple's Bonjour service.


Order ID 


Q: Why do I need the order number when contact you?

A:About the reason why we need the order ID, this is because as you can see, there are many sellers who sell the same type of CarPlay Android box in the market, and many unscrupulous merchants will secretly sell our products in the middle of the night. This led them to use our ASIN to get a commission for this order, but at the same time because they rubbed our product page traffic, the counterfeit products sold flowed into the hands of customers.We hope that every customer receives a genuine product from Binize.So we want to confirm that this product is genuine from Binize, and the order number is also the only proof we provide warranty service.