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Will a new car stereo work with my smartphone?

YuanYuan Liu |

Will a new car stereo work with my smartphone?


Connectivity is the tendency of the day, even while on the road. Connecting phone to car radio can make your trip more convenient and cheerful. So this is the reason almost every car stereo company offers units with big screens and built-in phone connection function, sometimes more than one. Our taste for a big screen, apps, text messages, and entertainment of a car stereo keeps growing. So, can a new car stereo work with a smartphone, how to connect the phone? Hope you can find your answer in this article.


Bluetooth: Wirelessly connect most smartphone audio


Bluetooth connection is the basic and the original function of connecting phone to car radio. The main uses of a Bluetooth connection are Bluetooth phone calling and Bluetooth music.  With a Bluetooth connection, you can sync your phone book and call history, and listen to music on your phone via Bluetooth.


Connecting phone to car radio


CarPlay: Supports iOS/iPhone integration


What’s CarPlay?


CarPlay is a feature proposed by Apple to connect phone to car radio, which is unique to the iPhone. Many car stereos now support this CarPlay function. The purpose of built-in CarPlay is to enable users to use, operate, and run iOS devices through the manufacturer’s local in-vehicle system. Apple CarPlay allows you to sync your iPhone with a compatible vehicle via a wireless connection or a USB cable.


Tips for using Apple CarPlay


After connecting phone to car radio, Siri can be allowed to place hands-free phone calls, read and send a message, or play your favorite phone music without ever touching your iPhone. The iOS system itself has a split-screen function. You can use this function when you are driving. It allows you to switch songs when using the navigation. And you don't need to exit the navigation app to choose your favorite music. Similarly, CarPlay also allows the use of other navigation and music apps besides Apple Maps and Apple Music.


Connecting phone to car radio


Android Auto: Supports Android phone integration


What’s Android Auto?


Android Auto is equivalent to the Apple CarPlay on the Android phone. It is an app that makes your driving experience easier and safer. For example, it includes voice assistance and more than one navigation apps to make your trips fluid and seamless. Android Auto can help you safely and directly receive messages, such as WhatsApp, and read and send messages directly by telling voice assistance.


How to use Android Auto? 


To use the Android Auto function, you must connect phone to car radio. You can use a USB cable connection or Android Auto Wireless to accomplish this. The advantage of a wired connection is that you can connect to Android Auto by plugging in the unit. The main benefit of wireless is that you don't need to plug and unplug your android phone every single time when using this function. But some settings of both phone and car stereo are required. Wireless Android Auto can automatically connect your phone to your car radio as soon as you get in your vehicle.


Connecting phone to car radio


MirrorLink: Wirelessly/Wired connect the most smartphone


Both Android phones and Apple phones can realize mirror link function. It’s like casting a smartphone on a TV, allowing you to use different phone apps on a larger screen. This function needs to operate the phone to achieve, but for many Android phones, you can directly click the touchscreen.