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Why Your Car Radio Stopped Working?

YuanYuan Liu |

Why Your Car Radio Stopped Working?


The car radio has become an entertainment tool on the road, and fast navigation can make it more convenient while driving. Of course, it must be a very frustrating problem if your car radio stopped working well anymore. You may not think this is a big problem on short trips, but on long trips, the non-working car radio may make you very troubled. So, what will cause your car radio to stop working? And what can you do to get it working again when this happens? When our car radio stops working suddenly, you may assume that the car radio needs to be replaced, but sometimes there is only a minor issue with it.


Here are the most common reasons that will cause your car stereo to stop working:

  • Lost Touch Screen

Some car radios worked for a long time, especially in a high-temperature car environment, the screen would lose the touch screen function. There are many reasons for screen failure. For example, static electricity can cause temporary screen failure, the software can cause unit crash/fake freeze, hardware damage can cause touch failure, and system file damage can cause failure. If the screen fails for some time, you can try to calibrate the screen in the factory settings or restore the factory settings. If the problem still cannot be solved, you can consult the seller on how to solve it.


  • Burnt Fuse

This is probably the most common reason why all car radios stopped working. Like any electronic product, it is also controlled by a fuse. Overloading of the radio will cause the fuse to burn out, and the radio working at high temperatures is also one of the reasons for the fuse to burn out. You can check the location of the fuse to determine whether this is the case. Usually, the location of the fuse is easy to disassemble and view. You can visually check whether the fuse is blown. If you don’t know if the fuse is blown out, you can also use a simple voltmeter to test the radio to see if there is indeed any power flowing through it.

Where is the car radio fuse?

If it is our Binize product, the fuse is generally located at the place marked blue in the picture. Some aftermarket products are generally located in this position.


  • Wiring Short

When installing the car radio, be sure to wire it according to the instructions. When there is a problem with the wiring harness, you can consult the seller instead of wiring according to your imagination. If one (or more) wires in the audio system are short-circuited, the radio will not work properly or even burn out.


  • Amplifier Overheating

If you connect an amplifier, then the problem may also appear here. Amplifiers usually generate a lot of heat when they are working. If you listen to music at a high volume for a long time, the speaker volume will gradually decrease, even if you have set the default volume to the highest. Depending on the type of amplifier in the vehicle, at the location of the amplifier, if there is not enough airflow to keep the audio system cool, the speakers may overheat and completely cut off all sounds. If this happens, the radio itself will heat up. So it may be the reason why the car radio sound stopped working. The best way to solve this problem is to thoroughly check the wiring of the car radio to make sure everything is in order.

  • Anti-theft Technology

Why did your car radio stoped working suddenly? Some car radio systems will be equipped with anti-theft programs. If the owner does not follow the specific procedures for car radio, it will trigger it to be unusable. You can see from the display that it is different from usual. It doesn't look like usual. You may need to enter a code or password to make the radio work again. Disconnected or dead batteries are common reasons why car radios enter anti-theft mode.


Last but not least, If it is not the above problem or the cause that cannot be repaired, then the life of your car radio is gone.