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What does car radio system mean?

YuanYuan Liu |

What does car radio system mean?



Just like the sunroof and headlight cleaning, which looks cool but unnecessary, the experience of different car radio system is not so good. Not to mention that some car radio system user interface design is not good-looking, but the dull shape design is already disappointing. So why are car manufacturers still keen to use car navigation with such a poor experience?


The main function of car radio system is to assist the driver in identifying roads for better driving. And now that smart phones are developing so rapidly, the using frequency of car radio is far lower than that of smart phones. So the reason why car manufacturers are still keen on such a tasteless car head unit? The main thing is that it can become an additional cost to increase the selling point of the product, thereby obtaining higher prices and higher profits.



Car radio system has now become one of the areas of research and expansion by car manufacturers. How to make the car system more humane, more intelligent has become one of the current directions of development.


In addition to better driving assistance and improve the profitability of the product, another important role of the car radio is to " Highly impressive ", in today's era of rapid development of the network info, the car radio has also become one of the objects of mutual comparison between car owners.




Q: Are the in-vehicle GPS positioningthe online mapsthe car itself camera vision and radar solutions complementary or alternative to each other?


A: They are complementary to each other. At present, most of the car manufacturer use fusion program. Because both radar vision and satellite positioning have their different drawbacks, the current solution is the fusion of features with each other, thus complementing their respective shortcomings.


Q: What would be the approximate level of value of each part of the whole car stereo system if divided into each vehicle?


A: The current car stereo system has three major components, the first is the satellite system antenna, the cost of this is now basically more than $20. The second largest head is the positioning terminal, a whole box responsible for providing positioning data, and now the market price is also mentioned at the beginning of more than $140.



How to choose a cost-effective car radio?


More than 80% of car enthusiasts for the first time to buy car radio is easy to buy fake brands. Because of the lack of knowledge related to the car radio. Considering that most of the car owners buy car radios online, how can you not be fooled by the seller?


Screen resolution

At present, the screen resolution of car stereo is mainly divided into these kinds: 1600 × 1200、640 × 480 etc. Above 720p can be regarded as high-definition, and 1080P is the current ultra-high-definition.


Chip capability

Whether the screen can get a clearer display depends mainly on whether the chip can support.

For now, there are many cottage parameters are false claiming to be 1080P, but the chip is not off, so it is difficult to achieve good screen performance.



In general, the above two configurations are in their place, the price of the car radio is about $100-$200. Of course, now the product kind can be highly variable, as add some additional features, then the price will change, the specific choice that depends on the car owners their own preferences.


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