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What Car Radio Fits My Car?

YuanYuan Liu |

What Car Radio Fits My Car  

                         —— It's Best Only When It Fits You


It is no exaggeration to say that car stereo is the core of your entire car entertainment system. This is part of the vehicle’s audio system, which controls what you listen to and see, how the media is delivered, volume and tone, etc. In addition to controlling your media, some features allow you to interact with your smartphone, allowing you to access your message, phone calls, audio files, and even phone navigation. Nowadays, the extensive use of car stereos has brought many conveniences to people. However, how to choose a suitable car stereo for your car, I hope this article can give you the answer.

What car radio fits my car?

There are many factors to consider when buying a car stereo, such as appearance, size and purpose, and of course, sometimes budget. Next, we’ll introduce car stereo in terms of appearance, size, and functionality.


Common Car Stereo Appearance of Binize

Car stereos can divide into the single din car stereo and double din car stereo. Head units that are around 2 inches tall are typically single din, while other kinds that are twice as tall are double din. Car stereos are usually double din; however, there is a single din head unit with a slide-out touch screen which is a flip out head unit. If you want to buy a touch screen head unit, but there’s only a single din opening, a flip out car stereo may be the best choice. At last, what you buy will usually depend on whether your car is compatible.


Single din

Double din

flip out car stereo


Common Car Stereo Sizes of Binize



Apple CarPlay&Android Auto& Mirror Link


Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functions can be available depending on the unit that you are chosen.


Apple CarPlay: Enables your car stereo to communicate with your iPhone so that allowing you get access to Apple Maps, Apple music, send or receive a message and phone calls, as well as listen to music by other music apps and watch video on Youtube. All of this is accomplished by a touch on a built-in app called ZLINK on the screen of the unit, you can also call Siri to read a message or send a message.


Android Auto: Brings the Android platform to car stereo which is compatible with the Android system. Car stereo is aimed to reduce distractions while you are driving. So as Apple Carplay, With Android Auto, you can manage your messages and phone calls, navigation, and play stream music and video by simply clicking your touch screen stereo. And voice command is essential, all allowing you to keep your eyes on the road to driving safely.


Mirror Link: You can cast what's on the phone screen to the car stereo, so you can use your phone on a bigger screen. Listening to music without downloading to your unit.



Bluetooth &WiFi

Bluetooth and WiFi are connecting wirelessly to your smartphone and can control phone calls, online navigation, and Bluetooth music or other music apps. With connecting WiFi, you can stream data-rich apps such as Youtube.

Note: The WiFi is only used for your vehicle’s receiver, it is not a WiFi Hotspot.


GPS &Navigation

Built-in navigation, an app like Maps, enable you to have navigation when connecting to WiFi, supporting GPS offline navigation(It needs to download an offline map in advance)


FM/AM Radio: FM/AM car radio with a wider range of radio stations, car stereos that have an FM sensitivity of 9 - 11 dBf have better reception. you can listen to real-time road environment, weather forecasts, news broadcasts, and your favorite music, etc. The lower the number, the better the reception.


Play store&Chrome

Built-in Play store&Chrome, enable you to download some apps such as Youtube, Pandora…even some apps available in the Play store, with Chrome, you can google whatever you like.

Backup Camera&Steering Wheel Control

Binize car stereo supports the rearview backup camera and steering wheel control. The head unit will display the image automatically when the vehicle shifts into reverse, working as parking assistance. Please note: learning the steering wheel control button on the unit manually is required.