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How about the success of Chevy Gold Bowtie ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How about the success of Chevy Gold Bowtie ?

110 years is definitely a year close to the limit for human beings, but it seems to be just an ordinary year for the traditional giants in the automobile industry that are still standing tall in the world.The car companies that have been passed down for a hundred years will never be the general generation, and the Chevy Gold Bowtie is also the leader of many classic car companies. In the new era of the global auto market, it still exudes its own brilliance.


So how did Chevy Gold Bowtie grow from birth to a world famous car brand step by step? What future will Chevy Gold Bowtie bring to our consumers?


Chevy Gold Bowtie


The birth of Gold Bowtie


110 years ago, there was such a technical genius as a top racing driver, a figure who was enough to stand in the field of automotive technology at that time - Louis Chevrolet.Of course, car manufacturing cannot simply rely on technology. The design of brand products and the development of the market are also the cornerstone of the success of car brands.So when Louis Chevrolet met Billy Durant, a GM founder, a story about a new brand of American-style cars began.


Chevy Gold Bowtie


The ubiquitous "American National Car": Gold Bowtie


Chevy's mass car market began with the legendary Series 490, a car priced at only $490 at the time, which made many ordinary Americans' car dreams come true. As a result, Chevrolet achieved a breakthrough in annual production of more than 200,000 vehicles and began to establish factories and sales networks across the country.


If only targeting the low-end market, Chevy would not be where it is today. In Chevy's history, another legendary CEO, Sloan, has successfully turned Chevy into a truly national brand. "Chevy is a brand that meets the needs of consumers at all levels," Sloan said, showing Chevy's innovative spirit in the Sloan era.


From the earliest electronic ignitions, the first car radios, and the first color bodywork, Chevy has been on the road to innovation. Independent front suspension system, power brakes, power windows, power seats, high-power V8 engines, airbags, etc., Chevy not only created its own miracles, but also made great contributions to the development of the entire automobile industry.


Chevy Gold Bowtie


"Every 40 seconds there will be a man who decide to buy a Chevrolet", while Chevrolet successfully created the myth of the industry, it also deeply implanted its brand essence into American cultural life. From the invention of the first SUV, the Suburban Carryall, to the popularity of the "Bumblebee" Camaro, from the Corvette supercar to the only car in Disney... The ubiquitous model has become a typical representative of American muscle cars.


Chevy Gold Bowtie from America to the world


Chevy not only manufactures cars, but more importantly, creates a brand that consumers love. We can see the historical changes in the United States in the past 100 years in Chevy, but society is constantly moving forward. After Chevrolet conquered the American market , the next target is the world's car market.


Chevy Gold Bowtie has been born for 110 years , which has handed over a perfect answer sheet with sales exceeding 225 million. From sedans, vans, pickups, off-road to supercars, Chevrolet covers a wide range of models, and it has left Corvette and Kevrolet all over the world. The century-old spirit of insisting on innovation and pioneering the future has also made Chevy the most popular car brand among consumers.