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How about 2007 mazda 6 Touring Edition ?

How about 2007 mazda 6 Touring Edition ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How about 2007 mazda 6 Touring Edition ?


Although it is a car from more than 10 years ago, today, the 2007 mazda 6 of the travel model is still so classic and durable. The highly recognizable appearance is indeed the Dream Car of many young people back then. 2007 mazda 6’s lines are smooth and elegant, and its rounded body is not as angular as many current cars. The continuation of the roof and the coherent waistline seem to have a shadow of a "space-time shuttle", while the rear shape represents Mazda as always. Outstanding design standards - harmonious, eye-catching and individual.

It is not a hatchback in a simple sense, but a real touring sedan that meets the standard of a medium-sized car. As the highest-end model in the FAW Mazda 6 series, the price of$28.395  that year also clearly shows this.


2007 mazda 6


The 2007 mazda 6’s powertrain is still the combination of the 2.3L S-VT naturally aspirated + 5-speed manual gearbox. Although this high-tech machine was a bit outdated from the current point of view, it is still quite fun to shift gears when pulling it to the red line area. And the charm of self-absorption comes from that high-pitched and sweet voice. As the flagship of the brand, 2007 mazda 6 wagon naturally inherits what was advocated by the essence of Mazda's brand - ZOOM ZOOM. Although the matching automatic transmission has only five gears, the use of the +/- gear manual mode with the linear power output still makes the Mazda 6 wagon still have the sportsmanship of the "king of corners".

The interior space of the station wagon and the comfort of each seat are another measure worthy of careful understanding. Yes, the front and rear rows have stretch space and excellent comfort, especially the second row space. Not only is the craftsmanship exquisite, but the ride is comfortable.

As for safety and other comfort configurations, the 2007 mazda 6, which used the slogan of "Charm, Power, and Technology" back then, naturally wouldn't be so stingy on its flagship. ABS+EBD+EBA+TCS+DS, which is a dazzling array of safety configurations, plus the all-round protection of 4 airbags and 2 air curtains, can be regarded as the top level in that year.


2007 mazda 6


It is not only the streamlined appearance that maintains the sporty style, but the ambience inside the car is equally meticulous. The overall visual main color of the interior is a combination of upper and lower light, and the black piano paint decorates the entire center control panel, showing the quality that a brand flagship should have. The three-spoke steering wheel has a good grip, and the buttons all over the steering wheel not only show its worth, but also bring a lot of convenience to driving. And the metal pedals under your feet tell everyone that it is still a driver's car!

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2007 mazda 6



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