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How to set up your car’s navigation system and use it to find your way to your destination


In-car navigation can be set up through different map apps in the stereo including iGo maps, google maps and other maps that can be installed in the stereo. There are also offline map options that can be used without the GPS system.


Recent models of stereos come with the navigation function. With this option, there is no need to be scared about getting missing while driving in a new area. Whether you want to go on a road-trip or you need to find your way to a meeting in an unfamiliar area or you need to find the nearest gas station or convenience store, this function helps to solve your problems. You also don’t have to deal with embarrassing situations of stopping people on the road to ask for directions.


Previously, people depended on maps to navigate while driving. But it wasn’t so convenient to use. Firstly, it was difficult to focus on driving while using the map as they had to check the map while they drove. Unless they had a passenger that was good at map reading. In the same line, drivers had to understand how to read the map. Another inconvenience was that unlike with the GPS where you can simply leave without weeks and days of planning, with maps, you had to plan ahead of the day of your trip and then get an updated map.


With the GPS and modern location services, you can easily get to your destination, get updated information on the condition of roads in the case of bad weather or construction. Not just car drivers, even pedestrians find the use of location services very convenient. And with its growing use, GPS location technology would only keep on improving to provide more accurate information for users.


The GPS Navigation System


The use of the GPS navigation system while driving is now mainstream around the world. In many cars, it is either factory-installed or in many cases purchased as an independent accessory for the car. The GPS navigation system works through a transmission of microwave signals in the 24-satellite system. With the GPS navigation system, you can avoid being lost while driving, send your real-location to friends, as well as find your way to different addresses.


Aside from helping drivers find their way, some advanced GPS navigation systems can provide real-time information on the state of roads- including the traffic condition, if the road is currently blocked or decide the best route when going to an address. The system also provides the driver information on the nearest gas station, hotel or convenience store. While driving, if the driver takes a wrong turn, the GPS system works fast to correct the error by providing an updated route.


The vocal function of the GPS navigation system makes it easier for the driver to concentrate fully on the road while driving. With this function, the driver doesn’t need to keep on looking at the map and still maintain his hold on the steering wheel.


Apart from using in-car GPS navigation systems, phones and other electronic gadgets can be used to navigate while driving. Many phones now come with the GPS function, so you can use this while driving.


Navigation Options While Driving


Different gadgets come with different map options. There are also map apps that provide accurate road informations. For example, google maps.


Google map is one of the most popular map app. It can be used with any gadget that can help in navigation. Google map provides satellite imagery as well as aerial photography. It offers route choices for not just driving, but also for biking and walking. It also shows information on the road condition and has the street view function. With all its functions, it is quite a necessity for drivers especially when in a new place, as it also gives information on nearby restaurants, gas stations, hotels, convenience stores, etc.


Apart from Google maps, there are other map app options like the Apple map, iGo maps, the Baidu map and Tencent map that is frequently used by users in China.


There are different ways to use the GPS map system while driving. One method is to use the inbuilt navigation system in your car. Even though some cars do not come with GPS option, there are stereos that make up for this option. Binize stereos often come with GPS antenna that allows you to enjoy the full functions of map navigation.


Apart from using the inbuilt navigation options, you can also use your phone’s navigation.

Some stereos come with Apple Carplay or Android Auto that allows you to connect to navigation through your phone.


The advantage of using stereo navigation includes: the bigger screen interface of the car stereo provides a better visual quality. Stereo navigation are specially made for cars, and so specially caters to cars. Stereos are also touchscreen which makes it easier to operate while driving. 


GPS Car Tracking Services


Have you ever parked your car in a new location and worried that it would get stolen?


For the safety of their cars, most people install GPS tracking devices in their cars. A GPS device can pinpoint the real-time location of your car. It is a handy device that can help you keep account of your family’s location. It can also aid when you get into an accident and need to give your location to the emergency personnel.


With a GPS device, you can keep in track of the activities of your car during a particular period. The GPS stores information such as how long the car was driven, the locations it went, the speed at which it was going etc.


You can know if your car was tampered with when you install the device. Most importantly, the chances of recovering a stolen car with a GPS device installed are quite high.


Using A GPS Device In Your Car


Most GPS devices are quite easy to install. There are two aspects of this installation process: installing the hardware and setting up the software system. But before installation, there are some things you need to consider first.


You have to find the best location to place your device in the car. Try to install it in a spot that is free from obstacles that would interfere with satellite signals. Some good places to install it include: under the dashboard, inside the glove compartment, behind the radio, or in the A pillar. If you plan to install it on the exterior of the vehicle, you might consider getting a device that is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 


There are different kinds of devices that you can install in your car. There are the portable GPS devices that can be simply attached to the car. They are energy-efficient and inexpensive, and there are pocket-sized devices that are convenient to carry around. Another type of tracking device are the ones that are being plugged into the OBD-II port. These also comes with a USB cord that allows you to connect to your computer so that you can access the information stored in the device. Almost all cars developed after 1996 come with this port. It is usually located underneath the dashboard area. It is quite easy to install. You just have to plug in the tracking device into the port. Hardwired tracking devices can be connected to the vehicle’s electrical system.


Once you set up the GPS device, you can use it to track your car. The GPS device receives information from the satellites. This information includes those mentioned above. The information can be sent to someone miles away. The GPS device comes with a SIM-CARD made for the transfer of this information to you. The SIM-CARD can be said to be the modem of the GPS device. To access this information however, you have to pay for a monthly subscription.


GPS Antennas


GPS antennas are meant to receive and expand radio signals sent by distinct frequencies gotten from GPS satellite. These signals are converted to electronic signals by the GPS antennas so that they can be used by the GPS receiver. The GPS receiver uses the signal to calculate the position.


GPS antennas can be internal, external, passive or active. Many GPS devices come with internal GPS antennas, for example, phones, portable navigation devices. However with cars, you might have to install a GPS antenna externally.


Active antennas come with powerful amplifiers that allow them to pick signals from longer distances. Hence, they are more expensive and more difficult to install. Passive antennas acquire GPS signals and then send them to the GPS navigation units. These GPS antennas can be simply installed in your car, and then connected to your stereo system. With them, you can easily navigate through your routes.


Binize stereos come with a GPS antenna that can be easily installed and connected to the stereo’s software.

A GPS antenna is included in Binize’s product package. With it, you can always pinpoint your location and find your way with your navigation system.


To install the GPS antenna, simply plug it into the port as shown above. Once plugged in, place the antenna in a position that wouldn’t cause obstruction when driving. It is more preferable to place it in a spot that would not obstruct the transfer of signals. Places like tunnels, bridges and tall buildings can cause a level of signal obstruction.


Once you successfully install your GPS antenna, you can then set it up in the system software. First use use it to check your real-time location to see if it is correct. Then you can go ahead to set it up for use.


In Binize stereos, you can find the settings through the following path: Car setting- General setting- Navi Software settings. Once it is set up, you can input your home addresses and other addresses that you frequently use. When you want to head out, you can simply select the address and allow the GPS antenna to work with the navigation software to give you the best route to your destination.


It is important to note the different between GPS devices and GPS antennas. Many GPS devices come with internal antennas. Hence, many devices have no need for external antennas. However, there are some cases when these devices require amplified external antennas. For instance, when there is extreme obstruction between the device and the sky. It is also available for older devices without the internal antenna. External antennas are handy for devices that experience problems like inaccurate location information and signal obstructions.


Tips To Note When Navigating And Driving


  • Set up your navigation before you start driving. If you are going to use the navigation while driving, set the route before you head out. This would avoid you getting distracted as you drive.
  • In the same manner, you can also choose to listen to the vocal directions which are usually available in different languages.
  • Some stereos come with the Apple Carplay and Android Auto function. With this function, you wouldn’t need to keep on filling up your addresses on the map. You can simply use the Siri or Google Assistant feature. Call out your destination address and it would automatically map out a route for you.
  • If you have the need to look at your map while driving, you can pull over along the road to operate the navigation system. This would help to prevent accidents that result from getting distracted while driving.
  • Place your GPS devices in hidden spots to prevent it from getting stolen as it is often a magnet for thieves.
  • Frequent updates of your navigation system are recommended. This is because the technology behind it are regularly updated. Also, there are always changes to different areas. Frequent updates would enable you to keep track of these changes.
  • Even though many devices have internal antennas, an external antenna would be come in handy if the signal of your device is weak.