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Car steering wheel controls,free your hands on the road.

YuanYuan Liu |

Car steering wheel controls,free your hands on the road.

The era of artificial intelligence has coming, car steering wheel controls adds a piece of safety to driving and protects you along the way!

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Have you ever been deeply troubled by the following situations?

Trobule1: Got a phone call I had to answer while driving.

This will violate traffic rules and is prone to fines, and more serious is that it may cause a car accident.


Trobule2: Have to grow your hand to control the screen while driving.

Reaching out to operate the screen during driving is easy to be distracted, and there is a safety hazard, which is also one of the causes of car accidents.


Trobule3: …


What are car steering wheel controls?


Car steering wheel controls can be regarded as an intelligent and safe driving assistant. Car steering wheel controls well solves the blind operation of the mobile phone while driving, and makes up for the lack of multi-function universal steering wheel control in some vehicles. Through one-key navigation, one-key music control switching, one-key phone and others on steering wheel, you can directly control the mobile phone while driving, which are the commonly performances for car steering wheel controls.


Car steering wheel controls operation method is simple and easy to learn. Drivers have basically realized the "blind operation" of the mobile phone while driving. Proper use can indeed bring a safe driving experience to the driver.


How to get the Car steering wheel controls?


The first, there is no doubt that your steering wheel needs to carry physical control button.



Second, installing steering wheel controls correctly.

There are two SW wires, sometimes will also called Key wires from Binize car stereo which support Car steering wheel controls, they are for the stereo steering wheel control. Just need to connect these 2 wires separately to your car SW wires, if your car only have one SW wire, then you can twist the two wire harnesses together to your car SW wires. (Please note this connection way is only suitable for Analogy Car steering wheel controls, if your car has Digital, then need to add a canbus decoder, and also need special adapter for Car steering wheel controls)


Third, the successful use of Car steering wheel controls requires the cooperation of two aspects:


One is based on the correct wire connection, the other, need to learn the steer wheel function in the system. For car radio with steering wheel control option supporting, we have a separate app for that which named SW learning, you can follow the steps in the app, following is a video for reference:


Choosing Binize Car steering wheel controls stereo, what you touch is convenience, what you feel is safety!