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Never encountered the following headaches during bluetooth head unit using?

YuanYuan Liu |

Never encountered the following headaches during Bluetooth using?


In the process of using a Bluetooth head unit, you must be more or less likely to encounter the problem of call or music sound freezing, or even direct silence. What could cause this troublesome problem? How should we try to solve it to enjoy the fun of using a Bluetooth head unit? Check out the tips below.

bluetooth 01

What happens when car stereo encounters Bluetooth music? Yes, that’s the Bluetooth head unit that we talking about before. Then it’s very necessary to get some Parameters & terms.


① Distortion

During the transmission of the audio signal, deviations were found in some parts. This leads to HIFI from Binize single and double din Bluetooth radio



The English abbreviation of High-Fidelity, which is translated as "high fidelity", that is: replay is highly similar to the original sound (replay refers to storing the original sound before playing it). For the old brands on the market, if you want to have the effect of HIFI, at least one thousand bucks or more, which is different from Binize single and double din Bluetooth radio.


③ Rated power

The maximum power can be withstood when the sound quality is relatively stable from Binize single and double din Bluetooth radio.

After understanding the terminology, let us see how to solve actual problems.

If you are enjoying your favorite song or making a phone call, the Bluetooth head unit suddenly becomes silent. At this time, there is a high probability that the Bluetooth connection may have been disconnected. There are a few things you can try. 


① Bluetooth disconnection

 bluetooth 02

First, we would suggest deleting the pairing from your smartphone and factory resetting your Bluetooth head unit either, or in the case of something like a car stereo, removing the smartphone from your car Bluetooth head unit, and pairing again from searching. It's also a good idea to make sure your Bluetooth head unit is on the latest available firmware from the manufacturer as that will sometimes remedy connection problems.


② Environmental interference


This situation often occurs in areas with dense crowds or high WIFI usage. Bluetooth and WIFI and other channels are both near the frequency band. When our smartphones are in this environment, the touch screen car radio with Bluetooth connection established by the smartphone is relatively susceptible to interference from the wireless environment. This situation may also happen in places with more roadside cameras. If the Bluetooth sound is stuck/silent in these situations, try to leave these areas and the sound will return to normal.


③ Application exception


Some applications will be abnormal after opening, occupy the audio channel of the phone, and may prevent other applications (such as music, etc.) from playing sound through touch screen car stereo with Bluetooth.


If there is an abnormal sound such as playing music, it is after a certain application is opened/used, you can try to clear other applications in the multitasking bar, and then try to play music.


If none of the above methods can work, you can try to use a car stereo to connect to other mobile phones to play and see if there are any abnormalities. If only one specific model is abnormal, it may be caused by incompatibility between the Bluetooth head unit for the car and the mobile phone.

bluetooth 03

Because different manufacturers have different settings of the Bluetooth protocol, there may be compatibility issues with some headsets. At this time, you can contact Binize customer service for more help. Binize always tries its best to help each customer who purchased from us. Binize sell the typical single din and double din android car stereos which support A2DP Bluetooth, navigation, 


Binize will always accompany you through driving.