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What Should You Do in porsche carplay installation

What Should You Do in porsche carplay installation

YuanYuan Liu |

What Should You Do in porsche carplay


First of all, thanks so much for Binize customer David Fertell writing this paper sincerely. And the help of CarPlay for driving and the improvement of driving experience, just like Jarvis and Iron Man, Cortana and Master Chief,  perfect match!


At this point, everything *should* work once ignition is turned on! Test it all out before installing the head unit back into the cavity. Note that if using the Metra dash fascia plate, it is apparently nearly impossible to remove once installed, so be careful. So many folks have snapped off the retaining prongs on one side of the plastic side pieces (typically the driver’s side) to allow the head unit to come in and out more easily.


Photo here of the prongs that are removed:


porsche carplay


Install in progress and the finished situation of porsche carplay installation:


 porsche carplay


USB port in stall in porsche carplay installation


Originally, I planned to install a dual USB port at the back of the cubbyhole beneath the HVAC controls. I wanted a dual because the Sony head unit I selected has two rear USB ports, though generally I would only likely ever use one (for wired CarPlay). However, there is insufficient clearance behind the cubbyhole for the dual USB port, so I just ran the USB wire from the back of the head unit through a hole in the back of the cubbyhole. If I can find a single USB port that will fit, then I will do up a nicer install. Here is what I have at the moment:


porsche carplay


Running mic and back up camera wiring in porsche carplay installation


Unfortunately, I do not have photos of the car apart here, but there are many YouTube videos with many images. Once the interior pieces are removed, it is pretty straightforward how and where to run the wiring. I generally followed the separate CAI instructions for the back up cam installation .


As my porsche 911 had a mObridge Bluetooth and wired iPod unit installed, I removed these components. The iPod connector was routed underneath the centre console and up into the centre console box for porsche carplay. That was simple enough to pull out.


The mObridge unit itself was tucked behind the passenger footwell area, under the glovebox. Removal necessitated removing the glovebox (here’s where the Dewalt 90* adaptor would come in handy) as there are about a dozen torx screws that need to be removed. The video I linked earlier is pretty comprehensive regarding glovebox removal.


With the glovebox removed, you can easily run the mic wiring over to the passenger side a-pillar, then up the a-pillar, then under the headliner, then down by the rearview mirror. If you want to add another 12v accessory such as a radar detector or dashcam, now would be the time to also route that wiring from the orange 12v sourceof porsche carplay installation behind the HVAC controls.