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Removing the Old DVD Drive from 997 carrera s

Removing the Old DVD Drive from 997 carrera s

YuanYuan Liu |

Removing the Old DVD Drive from 997 carrera s


First of all, thanks so much for Binize customer David Fertell writing this paper sincerely.

As my 997 carrera s is an AWD, there is less frunk space than a 2WD car already, so I wanted to maximize the frunk space. That meant I could remove the clunky navigation DVD drive which at the time of writing is essentially ~20 year old tech.

To gain that space, one needs to install the ‘amp only’ plastic cover. The 6speedonline thread does not mention installing the shorter guide into which the cover snaps.

The drive itself is held in quite firmly with metal clips. Those clips need to be disengaged, the wiring disconnected, and the drive lifted up and out. It is easier to do all of this with the other trunk interior plastic removed.

A couple photos of the ‘amp plus DVD drive’ plastic cover removed and the DVD drive about to be removed. Note the rectangular shaped vent tube on top of the components, the longer clip that must be replaced with the shorter clip, and the orange fibre optic cable still connected:

2006 porsche 911


With the DVD drive removed from the 997 carrera s, the trunk carpet has a bare section. Acquiring this piece of carpet new is possible (at least it was in spring 2020), but I was not willing to fork over C$500 for it. Certainly a wrecker can supply the carpet at a much cheaper rate, and I suspect I will do that one day.

In the meantime, I had a piece of carbon fibre kicking around (acquired online from an RC racing supply shop for another project), so I measured numerous times, carefully drilled into the metal onto which the DVD drive was clipped, installed some speed nuts, and fastened the carbon fibre sheet onto it. Read through the 6speedonline thread for more discussion on the sheet metal behind the DVD drive – use drill bit collars / depth stops to ensure you do not punch through the metal and fuel tank behind.

One the DVD drive is removed from this 997 carrera s, install the fibre optic loop/bypass to ensure continuity of the MOST loop, otherwise there will be no sound.

The horizontal portion of the vent tube must be cut down, and then the L-shaped piece re-inserted. Some more photos of the amp, DVD drive and the original vent tube, and the exposed part of the bulkhead once the DVD drive is removed:

2006 porsche 911

Photos of the portion of the vent tube cut out, and the final end result, with tangibly more frunk real estate available:

2006 porsche 911

I would like to hear/see direct input from folks who may have used the Scosche fascia as to fitment, security and ease of removal. I only have the prongs remaining on the passenger side in 997 carrera s, and the head unit feels sufficiently secure that I am not hugely worried. At the same time, the Sony head unit I have has a double DIN screen, but the innards behind it are just single DIN, so it is not heavy.

Axxess/Metra also has a MOST adaptor set up, as do other outfits like Connects2 and Incartec. However, these set ups are substantially more expensive than the AvinUSA or similar MOST adaptors – but then they may include steering wheel control interfaces and are perhaps a bit more known for warranty and tech assistance.

Finally, in case anyone is wondering about the various bits an pieces in my 997 carrera s: the little module next to the steering column is a Pedalbox.com throttle module. The shift knob is a Function First item that I had custom anodized orange locally, and the stuffie passenger is Doraemon!

If you have read this far, thanks for doing so, and I hope you enjoyed reading my write-up for 997 carrera s.