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How to use CarPlay Apple dongle?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to use CarPlay Apple dongle?


apple dongle


Binize CarPlay Apple Dongle Specifications

Voltage: 5V
Current:210mA  Working temperature: 82.4℉  Support temperature: -77℉-185℉
Model CTC100   Contains: one apple dongle, one manual, one package



Convert the  car OEM wired CarPlay to wireless CarPlay




  1. Plug the Apple Dongle into your car’s original  USB port and wait for your car home screen to change. After the new interface coming out,  pair your phone's Bluetooth with the apple dongle's Bluetooth which will appear on your car home screen. At the same time, please pay attention to follow the phone prompts so that the box can get your phone information correctly.

2 . After the apple dongle is successfully connected, the CarPlay icon of the your car will turn green and enter the CarPlay page automatically. If it doesn't enter the CarPlay page automatically, please click to choose to use Apple CarPlay.





  1. This apple dongle can only support the car with OEM factory wired CarPlay.
  2. Before using, please make sure yourphone Bluetooth and WiFi are not connect to any other devices, if your phone has already been matched before, please disconnect the Bluetooth and WiFi with the former devices on the phone; if you want to change to another phone, please note : Before that, you will need to turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth of the phone that has matched the device before.
  3. If yourphone WiFi and Bluetooth are connected to other devices before, please forget all of the Bluetooth and WiFi from other devices in your phone, connect the Bluetooth and WiFi to our apple dongle. If can't connect successfully, please forget the Bluetooth name of our apple dongle and keep the Bluetooth off for 5 seconds, then reconnect the Bluetooth.
  4. No password is required for the apple dongleWiFi, but if necessary, the alternate WiFi password is 8888888888, ios15 version may need to input a password. For ios15, If you don't connect to the WiFi or WiFi is occupied by other devices, the connection will be failed.


apple dongle



  1. If the apple dongle still doesn't work, please unplug the apple dongleand make sure the connection cable is tightly plugged in then try again. If it still can't be connected successfully, please factory rest your car's system and choose CarPlay option again.
  2. Theconnection cable of this apple dongle has been optimized, but there will still exist in some extreme environments using the product to cause CarPlay disconnection or other situations that affect the user experience (such as phone heating, connection disabled, etc.)
  3. The source of network data (including network content such as audio data, map data, call data, etc.)  is not related to this apple dongle.
  4. If you choose "Later"during the process of connecting instead of "Using CarPlay" then the connection will un You need to click "General" on your phone, click "CarPlay", select the device name and turn CarPlay  feature on.
  5. To turn off CarPlay, you need to disconnect your phonefrom Bluetooth and WiFi on the phone thoroughly and unplug the box if necessary.
  6. If the other side can't hear you clearly or there is an echo when using wireless CarPlay to make a call, please turn on the ‘’Speaker’’
  7. Due to the limitations of the wireless transmission feature, there may be a delay in the use of audio data coming out of the speaker,or a delay in SWcontrol, etc. These are normal phenomena.
  8. After CarPlay is connectedsuccessfully, the Bluetooth of your phone will be disconnected from our apple dongle, at the same time, if your phone Bluetooth is connected to other devices coincidentally, the sound will not come out from the original car speakers.
  9. If you restart the car repeatedlywithin few seconds, the wireless CarPlay feature may not be enabled, you can re-plugging the apple dongle to get the wireless CarPlay back.



OTA Upgrade


Connect to CarPlay or use a 5V charger to power on the apple dongle, connect your iPhone to the apple dongle WiFi, WiFi password is 8888888888. Then input this URL: in your iPhone Safari.

Note: Please do not power off during the upgrade process, if the apple dongle can be used normally, please don't just pursue the latest version ,cause the apple dongle WiFi will change after upgrade.

If there still have some problems with the apple dongle, you can contact technical support for help.




apple dongle




Equipment interference exemption: The main functions of this apple dongle may be affected by electromagnetic interference from some cars, resulting in partial data loss or small electromagnetic sound.


Risk and infringement exemption: This apple dongle is not an Apple product, and the traffic safety risks and infringement (including brand, technology, network content sources, etc.) risks arising from the use of this product by users have nothing to do with our company.


Exemption for lack of functions: Based on the defects of the ios itself or the improper upgrade of the mobile phone (including but not limited to phone root), or the differences of various models of mobile phone equipment or regional differences, or the original car system upgrade or improper operation or improper upgrade of this product, etc. Cause the product experience to be degraded or the function (part or all) to be missing.


Equipment disconnection exemption: This apple dongle may be disconnected during use, such as the connection time is too long or the connection of the original car wired CarPlay itself is disconnected, etc. This phenomenon is affected by external conditions or environment. This apple dongle has been optimized, that is, when a disconnection is detected, the device will be reconnected immediately or the apple dongle needs to be manually pulled and inserted to establish a connection.


Information for users


Users should comply with safety, compliance and legality during use. And combined with its own premise and actual production of the action or fact of using or not using the product.




If the action or fact caused by the user's use or non-use of the product, or the security risk caused by the use of the product, or the infringement caused by the use of the product, or the legal risk of intrusion and damage to the computer information system caused by the use of the product, Or the use of this product infringes the intellectual property rights or trademarks of others, the product developer or the copyright owner of this product or the company does not assume any legal responsibility. By using this product, users agree to the precautions, user notices and disclaimers of this product.