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How To Turn On Toyota Sequoia 2013 With A Dead Battery?

YuanYuan Liu |

How To Turn On Toyota Sequoia 2013 With A Dead Battery?

Sometimes we may forget to turn off the low beam lights, the flash, or leave the radio on. Sadly, if that's the case for you, you'll find out in the morning that your Toyota Sequoia runs out of battery and the central locking system doesn't work anymore. Normally, you should be able to open it easily with your key, but this doesn't happen very often. Today we're going to see how to open a Toyota Sequoia with a dead battery. To do that, first we're going to see how to open the trunk with a dead battery, then how to open the hood, and finally, how to open Toyota Sequoia 2013 with a dead battery.


Toyota Sequoia 2013

How To Open The Trunk With A Dead Battery?

If you don't have more batteries, you'll unfortunately not be able to use the car's centralized lock, and on some series, the key isn't enough to manually open your doors. In this case, the only option to get inside your Toyota Sequoia, open your hood, and change or charge your battery is through the trunk. To do this, you must verify that your Toyota Sequoia is equipped with a "hidden" trunk lock, some finishes and some years do not have it. Put yourself in the front of the case, look at the case's handle, and you'll find a small trapdoor with a mechanical lock hidden behind it that you can put a key in and turn it. Once this is done, you will be able to open the trunk of your Toyota Sequoia with a dead battery, access the interior of your car and open your hood.


Toyota Sequoia 2013

How To Open The Hood With A Dead Battery?

Since you can't get into the passenger compartment of your car, you'll have only one remedy to open the hood of your Toyota Sequoia, you'll have to, lift the vehicle, possibly remove the car's front bumper, and find the hood lock cable. Once found, you'll be able to activate them to unlock the hood of your Toyota Sequoia 2013 and gain access to your battery.

How To Open The Door With A Dead Battery?

The first remedy, it may seem obvious, but to turn on your Toyota Sequoia without more power, the key will be your best ally. At least in most cases, you'll install a mechanical lock on the cockpit door of your motor vehicle, and on some models, you'll install a second mechanical lock on the passenger side. You must have found and tried to open your Toyota Sequoia with these locks, but keep in mind that some locks function slightly differently. If your Toyota Sequoia 2013 doesn't have enough battery, you have to turn the key in the keyhole while pulling the door handle to open the door. If it doesn't work on the first door, repeat the process on the second door.

Attempt To Recharge The Battery Of Toyota Sequoia.

This solution is not possible on all Toyota Sequoias. In fact, to be able to realize this method you have to be able to access the trunk of the Toyota Sequoia and the cigarette lighter plug or be able to put the candle in the Toyota Sequoia and access the cable through the motor shoe.

Toyota Sequoia 2013