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How to Remove Factory Car Stereo from a PORSCHE 997

How to Remove Factory Car Stereo from a PORSCHE 997

YuanYuan Liu |

How to Remove Factory Car Stereo from a PORSCHE 997

Thanks so much for Binize customer David Fertell writing this paper sincerely.


Special tools:


I acquired a set of electrical connector pin removal tools for this project, but you could probably get away with small screwdrivers, some wire or paperclips.




I have lately been very fond of my ¼” drive Dewalt impact driver. Initially I acquired it only for use around the house, but now found it very useful to remove and (gently) install automotive fasteners too. One extra accessory that is very helpful is the 90* adaptor when I working on my porsche 997 car stereo replace.


You should, of course, also have an assortment of torx drivers (T20 and T30 if I remember right); plastic, non-marring trim removal tools; soldering iron; small screwdrivers; and a headlamp would be great too.


Step1 Remove PCM


First, zero out your fader and balance. The MOST adaptor does not permit adjustment. Then remove the factory PCM. I will not go into detail here because this subject has been covered elsewhere. This process is supposed to be relatively straightforward, though mine was a bit more difficult due to the press clips on the head unit not cooperating. CAI has a nice write up; YouTube has some good info too.


Step2 Prepare wiring harness from porsche 997 to the stereo


This step was the most time consuming for me, and I relied a lot on the help of others. Essentially, the head unit wiring harness has to be married to the Metra harness. The Metra harness then plugs into the harness off the chassis (to which the PCM was connected). bhvrdr (and others who piped up in the thread) bought a pre-made harness adaptor from Crutchfield. CAI will also supply you with one. That said, being cheap, I felt I could do it myself.




Here are CAI’s instructions on 9x7 stereo installation:


Removing the Factory Radio from porsche 997


There is a single Torx screw hidden in the carpeted side panels on either side of the console under the dash area that needs to be removed in order to remove the small carpeted panels.

Once this panel has been removed you will have access to the two Torx screws that hold the console side panels on. If you have a Bose equipped Cayman or 911 Cabriolet, you will need to remove the subwoofer on the passengers side of the console before the two console side of PORSCHE 997 covers will be accessible.


Passenger Side Subwoofer Subwoofer Removal.


Remove the plastic center cover from the air vent in porsche 997 . It simply pulls off. Pull the plastic cover off and unplug the power port. Now remove the large Torx screw that fastens the subwoofer to the console. Pull rearwards on the subwoofer enclosure. Unplug the subwoofer harness and remove from the vehicle.


Connecting the Optional Subwoofer Retention Harness


Remove the Console Side Covers. Remove the two Torx screws at the rear of each panel. Pull each side cover towards the rear of the car. Pull strait out firmly and the panel will release.


Remove the "Mystery Screw"


On the passenger side of the radio there is a single 7 mm screw that must be loosened before the radio will come out. An open ended or ratcheting combination wrench is required to remove. Once removed, this screw is no longer needed and can be left out if you choose.


Unlock the Radio from porsche 997


Use an "L" shaped Allen wrench and turn 1/4 counter clockwise to release each retaining clip. Warning If you turn too far, or the wrong way, you can break the release mechanism. In the event one or more breaks, you can simply use a flat blade screwdriver to push the retaining clip towards the radio to release the radio.


If your vehicle does not have the passenger side subwoofer you cam skip the following sequence and jump right to "Remove the Console Side Covers".

Here is a photo taken from the LA Dismantler website showing the back of a navigation PCM from a 9x7:




Note the presence of MOST connector next to Plug A (the black rectangle with two prongs inside) and the two fakra connectors on the left, compared to the diagram on the previous page. Also, there are no Plugs I and II, and Plug B is empty on the chassis side if the car has Bose audio (because all of the audio signals go through the fibre optics).


Here’s all steps to remove the factory car stereo from a porsche 997.

This information is for reference only, and please consult us for specific steps.