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How to make your Binize Android car head unit last longer ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to make your Binize Android car head unit last longer ?

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The android car head unit has entered the year of real-time road navigation function, getting rid of the dull situation of using old data to guide the way. However, according to the survey, there are still relatively few android car stereos on the market that have real-time road condition GPS functions. Not only the speed of data update is also uneven, but also the price is high. Although it is getting easier and easier to use, there are still some problems in use. 


Here are some tips for using the android car head unit, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!


One trend of electronic products is that the operation becomes easier and simpler. A few buttons or even a simple touch of the screen can complete the settings you want.


However, the simplicity of operation does not mean that you can be sloppy. A little refreshment during daily use and maintenance can greatly extend the life of the navigation.


Correct option

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First of all, after the long driving, you should turn off the engine and the android car head unit in time. Otherwise, it will easily damage the electronic components of the car navigation after a long time.


Second, if meet some fault, please ask customer service for further help.


Daily maintenance


First of all, if don’t pay attention to the operation, it is very easy to bring dust into the android car head unit, so during the process of normal use, pay attention to clean the surface of the android car stereo big touch screen in time, which will block the entry of dust effectively. The buttons and knobs on the panel can be cleaned with a small cotton swab or the like.


Second, keep the android car head unit screen far away from sharp objects. At the same time try to avoid the center console exposed to the sunlight. The large temperature difference not only affects the battery life of the android car stereo but also affects the touch sensitivity of the IPS screen.


Waterproof and moisture-proof


First of all, electronic equipment must be kept away from water. Waterproof and moisture-proof are very necessary. When washing the car, remember to close the car door tightly.

Second, this is not only helpful for the android car head unit but also helps to keep the car interior dry and prevent the growth of bacteria.


head unit

④Brand choose 


Reliable android car head unit brands are also very important. Binize best-doubled din android head unit and single din android head unit can not only provide high-quality car navigation but also provide car owners with a variety of comprehensive after-sales services. The android car radio is a sophisticated instrument, most of the android systems from Binize in the car stereo can be upgraded in time for the convenience of car owners.