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How to install the Honda CIVIC radio from 2003 to 2007?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to install the Honda CIVIC radio from 2003 to 2007?


In-vehicle car stereo system not only brings you a pleasant driving experience, but also greatly improves the traffic efficiency. The popularization of GPS navigation has brought about a more scientific, and more efficient traffic management system, which has eased the city's traffic pressure to a large extent. In the car configuration, the car stereo system is the most complained.

In addition to the lack of functions, the fluency is not as good as a smart phone, and some low-profile models do not even have a screen, so the experience is really awful. As a result, so many car owners have the idea of modifying the car stereo system. In addition to the subwoofer and amplifier, the most worthwhile effort is the large-screen car stereo. Take Honda Civic radio as an example.


Honda Civic radio


Looking at the vehicle market in the past years, in the field of mature and highly competitive cars, apart from the hottest models such as Toyota Camry, Corolla and Honda Accord, the most popular should be the Honda Civic. Today, please follow BINIZE footsteps to see how to modify the 8th generation Honda Civic, include Civic 2006, Civic 2007, Civic 2008, Civic 2009, Civic 2010, Civic 2011.


Insert the wooden rocker into the gap above the dashboard of the Honda Civic.


Which should be noted that there is a screw which needs to be removed, otherwise the dash kit cannot be removed completely. Many people did not notice this screw for the first time, and removed it violently, which made it impossible to revert to the original look.


Pry loose the cover on the top of the Honda Civic dashboard. Especially the two screws in the storage box, you have to find a specific angle to remove the screws. It’s hard to see these screws from the outside. You have to reach in and touch them with your hand. They are used to fix the Honda Civic radio head unit and the center console. The center console dash kit cannot be pulled out without removing these two screws.


Honda civic screws


After the screw is dropped, pull out the original head unit directly. At this time, you must be very careful when pulling it out. Since the original head unit is heavier, it is easy to damage other accessories and kits.


The next step is to disconnect the original wiring harness and connect it to the new car Honda Civic radio head unit. Wiring is a relatively complicated project. Although there is no broken wire, the system is relatively sophisticated after all, so you must follow the steps to prevent wrong wiring, which may cause some functions to be unachievable.


The last step is to arrange the wiring harness and carefully and then put the car head unit and dash kits back step by step. The screws that were removed before are very important at this time and need to be carefully screwed back.


Honda Civic Accessories


The aftermarket car stereo head unit is not only cheaper than the original factory upgrade, but also has rich functions. Because most of them are using the Android systems. The degree of personalization and ease of use is highly cost-effective. You can download your favorite APP. The operation is pretty smooth. Can almost be considered as smart large-screen mobile phone.