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How to install Ford Focus 2013?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to install Ford Focus 2013?


When it comes to classic American cars, we have to mention Ford, which sells very well in the United States. After all, Ford is one of the big factories in the world, with no doubt it is also very popular in the United States, especially its pickup trucks and off-road vehicles such as Ford Focus 2013, which meet the needs of Americans. And Ford as a domestic car, it’s maintenance and repair costs are also low. It is for these reasons that Ford is more popular stateside.


Ford Focus


Frist step: choose a new reliable car radio head unit for Ford Focus 2013


How to choose a reliable car radio head unit, you need to follow these tips: Pay attention to screen resolution, because it will encounter direct sunlight or complete darkness during driving. Pay attention to the size of the screen, measured by being able to see words clearly. If you are used to getting closer to the car head unit, you can choose 7 inches, if not, then 10 inch will be suitable for you.


Ford Focus


Second step: remove the old Ford Focus 2013 car radio


Before the official remove project, it is necessary to check the equipment, arrange the lines separately, check whether the socket joints are in good condition, and whether the screen is scratched or not.



  1. 1. Loosen the center console bolts.
  2. 2. Remove the center console panel.
  3. 3. Remove the original car center control panel, remove the original car head unit.
  4. 4. Organize and hide new car wire harnesses.
  5. Check the various plugs connected to the car head unit, especially the power harness.
  6. 6. Connect the power harness, audio harness, etc. from the new head unit.
  7. 7. Power on the vehicle and check if the new car head unit can work.


Here we highly recommend to use a simple supply or a battery to have a simple test before the official installation, connect the red ACC wire and yellow Battery+ wire together to the positive pole, black GND wire to the negative pole. This way can save a lot of unnecessary installation troubles.


Now that the car industry is developing faster and faster, many cars have been equipped with a central touch screen, and even some cars are getting bigger and bigger. However, most of the old models equipped do not have a big central control or have few central control functions.


After updating the new Ford Focus 2013 car radio, you get the following advantages:


First: feature-rich. After installing the new touchscreen head unit, the functions you own are definitely much richer than the original radio.


Second: reversing image. The reason of many people needs to replace a new car radio is that the functions are not rich enough. The reversing image is one of them. The reversing image is installed to prevent scratches, and it is better and safer to park. In fact, it is also one of the reasons why many people install reversing cameras.


In fact, a lot of people are concerned about the black screen or frozen screen and so on, in fact, now as long as the brand is reliable, 90% of their car radio head unit can be used for a long time, or find some good after-sales manufacturers. There will be no big problem after that.


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