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How about Apple CarPlay installation?

YuanYuan Liu |

How about Apple CarPlay installation?


Many people will ask : Where is the cheap Apple CarPlay installation shop near me?


The central car stereo system of many models is simply with Bluetooth/U disk/radio, also there is no car navigation, which is a few times worse than the current mobile phone. Especially cars from 18 years ago, there are still a lot of black and white LCD screens just feel like an old calculator.


VW console


The main reason is that many car manufacturers are not willing to pay attention to the in-vehicle central control, as long as it is stable and mature then the car can be used. But in the age of intelligence, the improvement is too fast, and the original way of thinking is obviously inappropriate.


In 2014, Apple released the CarPlay car-mobile phone interconnection system. Through CarPlay, you can "project" the content of the iPhone to the car radio touch screen, which means the mobile phone and the vehicle can be seamlessly connected. With CarPlay, you can not only use programs such as phone calls, text messages, maps, music, but also control them through Siri.


How about Apple CarPlay installation?


Now, many years on, CarPlay is fast making its way into new cars. You must have a feeling like this: every once in a while, there are so many new cars get into the market, and many of them have the function of built-in installed CarPlay, ranging from tens of thousands to millions.


How to get connection with the built-in Apple CarPlay installation?


Pretty easy, just connect the phone directly with the data cable. Connect the data cable to the USB port of the car, some models have the USB interface in the handrail. At this time, the car owner will be prompted to open the Siri in the mobile phone, and the car will automatically start CarPlay. If the main interface of the car does not appear, click the CarPlay icon on the phone to start the system.


How to choose the car with built-in Apple CarPlay installation?


If you've been thinking about buying a new car with CarPlay recently, this article will definitely be helpful to you. The following is a detailed model inventory for you.


  1. Some models are coming with built-in installed CarPlay. For example, at CES Asia in Shanghai, Volvo showed the latest version of the Sensus system on an XC90. CarPlay can already be seen in it, but it is still uncertain when it will be pushed on the user side. Likewise, Ford's SYNC 3, including the new Taurus, will include CarPlay support and will be available later for that year.


  1. The landing speed of CarPlay is getting faster and faster, and new cars equipped with CarPlay emerge in an endless stream, and it has nothing to do with price. Some self-owned brand models are even equipped with the CarPlay system at the high price.


  1. If you look at the brand, the three brands under GM also belong to the category that actively embraces CarPlaywhich is cost effectively. In addition, the performance of Volkswagen is also good.


When it comes to Volkswagen, you will find that there are not many Volkswagen models in the United States. In fact, there are many models manufactured in 2016 that can actually support CarPlay, but the official configuration table is rarely mentioned clearly. If the car you have interest to buy is equipped with the Volkswagen MIB II in-vehicle system, you can try connecting the iPhone to the car, such as Golf 7 GTI, Golf GTE, T6 just launched, etc.


VW carplay


Many of the models listed above are not equipped with CarPlay as standard, so there is an interesting thing: some models are equipped with CarPlay only if they are high-end models, which is understandable, but some models are the opposite: low-end models CarPlay, the high-end model uses its own system. For example, among the four configurations of the new Honda Civic, only two low-end models have CarPlay.




The interface of pre-download Apple CarPlay installation system can be said to be a small revision of ios7. The operation method can not only via the touch screen, but also be compatible with physical buttons such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz and other touch pads with their own central control operations.