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I installed Double Din Android Car Stereo 10.1 Inch in my 2014 Ford Expedition XLT

I installed Double Din Android Car Stereo 10.1 Inch in my 2014 Ford Expedition XLT - Binize

YuanYuan Liu |


I installed this item in my 2014 Ford Expedition XLT on Feb 2, 2020. The item arrived next-day no problem, and I went to tear out my dash. Again no problem. Took out the factory radio that had steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, and XM radio built in but no touch screen or back up camera.

Sooooo, I get to the wiring. Turns out, a 2014 Ford Expedition's radio wiring is all kinds of crazy. I searched for hours to find wiring diagrams to figure out which is which. The instructions in the box of this radio are worthless. They show you nothing of value. Obviously the twisted wires were the speakers, so that was no problem. My issue began with the ACC wire. That is the one that when the key is turned on, the radio is powered up, but turns the radio off when the key is in the off position.

I eventually had to run an extra wire to my fuse box, and tap into fuse #27, the HVAC 10 amp fuse. That fuse comes to life when the key is in the on position, and off when the key is off. If you don't care about the ACC wire, just put it together with the constant HOT wire and it will work, but may drain your battery. I also couldn't find the Illumination wire to make the screen dim when the head lights were on. The GPS unit works good. You will have to buy an antenna adapter from any parts store if your car radio is OEM.

After I figured out the ACC wire, I connected the 4 speaker wires, and powered on the unit. It came on just fine. Not sure which Android system they use, but it is a different. It has YouTube, YT Kids, and Amazon music, Prime video, ect. Bluetooth music from your phone was good. Sound quality was better than my factory radio. GOOGLE MAPS is a beta app, but works normally ONLY IF YOU HAVE WiFi connection. WITHOUT WiFi, this is just a radio with Bluetooth.

Overall, I spent 6 to 8 hours in my garage installing this item. I also bought a $16 back up camera, which took a lot of time wiring as well. There are a bunch of video in/out cables for this radio, so there are many options. I did not figure out the Mirroring function. I have to use PdaNet+ app for the free hotspot since AT&T likes to screw us customers who pay for unlimited data. It works ok for now. There are two female USB plugs on the radio you can use. I put in a thumb drive and it worked fine opening pictures and video.

In closing, if you do not have a constant source of DATA, this item is just a tablet with nothing installed with FM radio capabilities. I'm satisfied with it for now. If I have any issues, I will update this review.