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How to set up CarPlay ?

How to set up CarPlay ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to set up CarPlay ?



I bought the Binize Wireless CarPlay adapter to set up CarPlay after watching reviews for several products, including this one. It was highly rated in the YT videos I saw and was very reasonably priced with a coupon at the time I bought it.


I have a Ford Edge with Sync 3 and my phone is an iPhone 11 Pro Max. When I first got the adapter, I immediately plugged it into USB power in my home office, connected to the adapter via WiFi, and used its built-in web interface to set up CarPlay.






The seller does not recommend you do this unless you're having a connectivity issue with your car (I hadn't seen that caution and just upgraded immediately because that's what I do with all my devices). The upgrade completed in about 3min (lights stopped blinking) but I did have to power cycle the device to get back to the web page (just refreshing the page produced a "404" error until I restarted it).


I then plugged the device into the Sync USB port in my truck, answered a few initial prompts on both the truck's screen and on my phone, and up came to set up CarPlay . I then shut off the truck, leaving the adapter plugged in, and waiting for everything to shut down. I then started the truck back up and it took about 20 seconds before I was back in CarPlay with no prompts at all - phone just sitting in my pocket.


I then ran through all the common CarPlay applications I use, with particular attention to Waze and Spotify. Waze worked perfectly - no lag with using the UI and everything worked just fine in a brief driving test. Same with Spotify; I had read that with some adapters you could experience some audio stuttering (fixable with a setting in the adapter) but I didn't have any audio issues at all. I did notice that pressing "next song" or "pause/play" seemed to have a slight delay when compared to being wired, but not enough to be of any concern.


Overall I LOVE how simply and seamlessly to set up CarPlay ! I highly recommend it, even at full price. Fantastic way to add wireless CarPlay to Ford Sync 3.


Ford SYNC console




Got tired of plugging in every time... this module was worth the investment. Took a matter of minutes and it was connected and running. I didn't run any updates since it was working as it should. The lag is barely noticeable when operating... you wouldn't know that it was wireless. It loads up quickly when I get in the car... probably just as much time as it would take to get plugged in.


If you're looking for a wireless option, make the purchase!!