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How to modify Buick models car head unit ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to Modify Buick Models Car Head Unit ?


In 1903, David Dunbar Buick and his chief engineer Walter Marr formed the Buick Motor Company, and thus began the Buick models centennial journey.


Buick models


I installed this Binize car head unit in a Buick models. I’m happy with the touch screen and the sound. It looks great in the dash. I’ve installed a few aftermarket stereos, and this was the easiest install I have ever done. I agree that the small speaker used for the blinker doesn’t have the best sound. But don’t completely cover it or you won’t be able to hear it well enough.


My main use for the stereo is the CarPlay. The only time I’m not in CarPlay is when I need to change a setting. For that reason, I’m sure I’m not using this stereo to Buick models full potential. I started out using the wireless CarPlay option. I had the stereo configured to automatically launch the ZLink app (CarPlay) and connect to my phone wirelessly after booting. Unfortunately, I had issues with this. After a few minutes the stereo would randomly disconnect. And when that happened it was very difficult to get reconnected. So, I switched to wired CarPlay and that has worked flawlessly. I have the stereo configured to launch the ZLink (CarPlay) app automatically when I plug my phone in. This is the only reason for 4 stars over 5.


Buick models


Another quirk is there are problems with the reverse image if you put the Buick models in reverse before the stereo fully boots. Sometimes I get a blank screen and sometimes I get the image without the guidelines. And it doesn't recover unless you take it out of reverse and put it back. But in comparison, the Kenwood I replaced this with did the same thing.


Boot times are only an issue when the car sits for more that 24 hours. Otherwise, it boots quite fast.The customer service is good. They have responded to any of my inquiries within 24 hours.

I was very hesitant to get an android head unit. So many mixed reviews made it difficult to make the decision. I was comparing this unit with other aftermarket brand stereos for Buick models. And when I compared prices, this unit came out on top because the adapter kits needed for other stereos made the Binize much more affordable.


I don’t know about the other models, but I do recommend the Binize car head unit for Buick models. I am planning to get another one for my truck soon.


Buick models




Ok here’s my honest opinion about this head unit. It works great…now. I say it that way because it took me about a month of going back and forth with tech support to figure out a few issues I was having on Buick models. The first issue was NO SOUND. That was remedied by splicing the blue antenna power wire to the amplifier power wire, this took many hours of googling to figure out. The second issue was the sound was VERY loud even on the lowest volume setting. Tech support helped me with this one, you have to get into a secret factory menu and set the amplifier power down as low as it’ll go. Anyway, it is fixed, i am happy now.