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How to make Motorcycle with Apple CarPlay ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to make Motorcycle with Apple CarPlay ?

This Binize Motorcycle with Apple CarPlay screen is my best motorcycle navigation. Compared to Garmin Zūmo XT, Tomtom, this Binize Portable Apple CarPlay Screen is so cost-effective, the quality is very bright, the screen is bright, it is perfectly compatible with my Apple iPhone, which I can easily use it to call, listen to music and navigation.

I wish I had known this product years ago when I struggled where to go on my motorcycle with out a GPS. Display is very bright and clear, CarPlay connects instantly right after I turn it on. It has a speaker build in, but the best thing is that you can connect a earphone with it using Bluetooth and you can simply play music through car play. Now a day almost every car has carplay, and this is the first time I’ve seen carplay for motorcycle! I’m glad I found this product. Worth buying it, every motorcycle should have this so you don’t get lost without GPS lol.

Motorcycle CarPlay

I like its navigation functions the most. With it, I no longer need a motorcycle mobile phone support, and I cannot use mobile phone navigation when it is raining. Because the mobile phone is not waterproof, this motorcycle navigation screen is very waterproof. I just tried to spray with high -pressure spray guns. it is still waterproof. Even if the screen has water droplets, I can touch it. I can touch the screen with my motorcycle gloves. This waterproof function is too powerful.

This Motorcycle with Apple CarPlay navigation screen most amazing is its built -in Dual Bluetooth function, which is definitely the most innovative function. It paired the phone to the CarPlay touch screen through Bluetooth and paired the unit with the Bluetooth helmet/headset.

My experience is: When connecting CarPlay, if your headset sounds are not good, it is not a problem with this Apple CarPlay Screen. You need to disconnect the connection between the headset and the screen. Please use the headset to connect the Bluetooth of the phone. The sound quality will become very good. The sound is issued from the last device that is connected. This is very important. Try more, you will find the best effect.


Motorcycle CarPlay


After installing this project, if themotorcycle needs to be connected to a 12-volt power supply, the motorcycle navigation screen will be powered on and started. This is very critical. If the motorcycle is not started, the navigation screen will not be powered on.

In the process of using this Motorcycle with Apple CarPlay , I have new discoveries, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. When you install this screen again on the back cover, please tighten the screws of the back cover to avoid shaking the screen during driving, causing the screen to disconnect and restart. The screw behind the back cover of the screen is not tightened. Every time the screen is put back into the back cover, please remember to tighten the screw of the back cover of the screen. The function of this screw is to lockthe back cover and the screen tightly to ensure Normal power supply of the power supply.