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How to do car radio installation on Dodge Grand ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to do car radio installation on Dodge Grand ?


Car radio installation is easy and not difficult, you just need some basic knowledge of electrical theory, and then some suitable tools can be easily completed.But if you say it's easy straight away, it's not that easy to do, after all,there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes.


My OEM radio stopped working so I needed a replacement and wanted the family to be able to watch movies on a large display.

Finishes well in a 2015 Dodge grand caravan.


car radio installation



-Awesome EQ, 32 channels and applied to the subwoofer RCA output for a bandpass filter.

-Very responsive customer support, helped me with multiple questions

-Large 10" display

-AM FM radio

-Backup camera



Mounting - having a detachable face would be really nice to make it a standard din car radio installation. I bent the metal brackets to push on the double din sides and used double sided adhesive on the front bracket. Not ideal but it is constrained. I don't want to remove my entire dash if I need to go back there again.


Glare from sun with sunrise or sunset if it hits just right. This is where having an adjustable angle display would come in handy.



The steering wheel control (SWC) lines on this unit are active at 3.3 V. Ideally the interface you connect this to should be passive and have only resistance. With using the SCOSCHE adapter it was cutting the white wire to achieve this and only using key 1.


car radio installation





So, like almost everyone mentions, this thing is almost impossible for car radio installation, but I don't easily give up. The problem lies in that the dash needs to be completely assembled because it overlays the dash. If you can access the dash from underneath or something, you might have a chance. Me? I found the mounting screws wedged into the double din opening, then I just used a couple dabs of silicone to hold it in place.


As for the radio itself, its pretty cool. Connects to WiFi and you can use apps on it. I ave an external (it is Serious XM capable) Serious XM dash unit that connects with Bluetooth (long story) and it automatically switches to that when I power it up, I don't have a choice to switch back to the radio unless I power it off. Not a deal killer, but it may mess you up if you have something Bluetooth you want to use.


car radio installation


I haven't taken a trip in the Motor home yet, but can update this after I use the maps and stuff. Also, didn't realize it came with its own camera, but will replace mine with it at a later date.

I would probably still but it because I love the 10" screen!


In conclusion, best Radio on the market. Easy car radio installation, functional is phenomenal, screen quality is what you expect for a top tear head unit! Customer service is amazing. They have answered all my questions via Facebook messenger. I will be installing a dash cam soon and doing a second review of the unit and its ability to function with a dash cam. Best Unit For the Money!!!