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How to get sleek design CarPlay settings via a magic box ?

How to get sleek design CarPlay settings via a magic box ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to get sleek design CarPlay settings via a magic box ?


I just got a new cr-v and wanted to enhance the functionality of the console. This android box was incredibly easy to set up CarPlay settings, it is essentially plug and play. I plug it into the USB, connected outlet and the android system loads up to the console within seconds. It is very fast. To use it to its fullest, I set up my phone as a hotspot and connected the android box to my phone’s wifi. If one prefers, they can install a dedicated SIM card in the box.


carplay setting


I was able to install almost every app from my phone that I typically use. There is plenty of space with the 64GB of storage. This storage space can be expanded later with a micro SD card if I need to. I can’t foresee that need unless I start downloading videos for my kids on it. There were a couple exceptions to apps I could install because the box is not certified for the CarPlay settings play store, but those weren’t apps I would use while driving anyhow. I love having access to the weather, the satellite radio app I enjoy listening to, google maps, even video apps for if I’m sitting in the car line at school and want to stream something for entertainment. There are so many options for entertainment and navigation and CarPlay settings. Concerned about not having access to the vehicle’s original console? No problem. It is quick and easy to toggle between the two.


CarPlay settings


CarPlay settings can use most of the basic functions of the iPhone through the control panel of the car. Some of these features include the Siri voice assistant tool, iTunes music playback, Apple Maps and text messaging. With CarPlay, I can take calls without taking my hands off the steering wheel, and I can hear the contents of my voicemail. To use these features in the iPhone, the driver can touch the driving control panel in the car as if it were a mobile phone, but this reduces the distraction of the car, and with a button on the steering wheel or voice control, I can Trigger Siri.


On June 7, 2022, Apple announced at WWDC 2022 that CarPlay will usher in a major update. The new generation of CarPlay can provide content on various driving screens, and is deeply integrated with the vehicle hardware system. You can directly control devices such as car radios or air conditioners without exiting the CarPlay settings car. At the same time, the widgets supported by the iPhone can be matched and presented on the screen, and In the dashboard center, the new generation of CarPlay communicates with the entire dashboard, connects with the vehicle's real-time system, and presents various driving information such as vehicle speed, vehicle speed, and fuel level.


 CarPlay settings


It is really amazing that the console in my vehicle can now operate CarPlay settings essentially like a tablet, with sound directly through the car speakers. It really is a luxury and quite an upgrade from my clunky, default system. I highly recommend this powerful tool. It’s really compact and has a sleek, modern design too.