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Who can beats the last 3 name brand for Honda civic hatchback?

YuanYuan Liu |

Who can beats the last 3 name brand for Honda civic hatchback?


Honda civic hatchback


First of all let me start off by saying that this company has gone above and beyond in terms of customer service. Before my Honda civic hatchback stereo was delivered I received a message telling me if I have any issues to please contact them and they can assist me with any issues I may have.

When I received the unit it was was wrapped very nicely and packaged with great care. The install was smooth and simple!


My only issues:


  1. The unit came with a broken clip on the corner for honda civic hatchback. (I was not able to find the broken piece in the bubble wrap so I assumed it happened pre packaging) Not a big deal. I installed it and it sits firm where it needs to without moving. (Make sure you use your factory clip inserts! - Metal and white plastic ones around the stock unit!)
  2. I did not have a cut out for the passenger airbag light. Again, not a big deal for me personally. This just indicated if the air passenger side airbag is on or offin my Hondacivic hatchback. NOT something I personally need!


Honda civic hatchback



The pro's of my experience:


I contacted the customer service rep who emailed me prior to my unit arriving with pictures of the broken clip and missing slot for the passenger airbag and she immediately responded and asked for an additional picture. She then let me know they would be sending me a new dash kit free for honda civic hatchback.


The car stereo for honda civic hatchback has a ton of features. I was actually kind of blown away. It's very fast, clean and easy to figure out. My favorite feature is the in depth equalizer settings. You can name/save profiles and change every aspect of the sound that comes out of your speakers.





I had been looking for a display like this one with CarPlay and a reversing camera for a while and I finally found this one; paid $200 for it which is a very good price for the quality that you get. It came in and we started to install it and the installation was a little tricky because the instructions weren’t very detailed at all but after finally figuring it out for my Honda civic hatchback, we installed it with little issues.


Honda civic hatchback



Here are some key things to consider when making this purchase:


  1. This display will cover the passenger airbag light completely, you will have to tuck it in behind the display or disconnect it.
  2. The reversing camera is very poor quality, I didn’t end up hooking mine up because of the size of the screws (they are tiny).
  3. If you are buying this for CarPlay, it DOES work, however, every time you want to access it, you need to go through a separate app which is automatically installed on the display and it may take a few minutes to connect to CarPlay.


Other than those things, the customer service was great and it works very well in my Honda civic hatchback and I would recommend it…we’ll see how long this lasts