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T3 ANDORID - Binize

YuanYuan Liu |

1. How to read this manual

   This manual uses illustrations way to illustrate the steps and precautions. Photos of this manual is only for reference, please prevail in kind.

        Tips: When the instructions say and physical description of the function is not the same, the actual functionality prevail.

2. Wire connection reference

2.1  Enable disable host



2.2   Main wire harness

Please ensure that the wiring is correct, otherwise it may cause a short circuit or lose the power-off memory function.
Yellow Wire -Positive+
Black Wire-Negative-

AMP CONT wire (blue): your car amplifier power cable
AUDIO OUT L(white): your car amplifier white connector.
AUDIO OUT R (red): your car amplifier red connector

2.3   Back RCA wire function reference

This is the reverse wire, connect it, there are two little blue short wire with it and one is for WIFI signal, one is for Bluetooth signal, connect it for strengthen the signal.


If the above still does not work, please cut the two blue wires a little shorter.

2.4   Back connector reference

2.5   Common troubleshooting guide Notes

  1. For the amplifier issue


    Please connect the amp-c wire to your car amplifier, if your amplifier still no power, please connect the amp-c, the positive of the battery and the wire of your car amplifier together .


  1. For the WIFI and Bluetooth issue


    If the WIFI and Bluetooth doesn't work well, please connect the reversing wire, there are two short wires, please cut the two wires a little shorter


  1. For the sub-woofer issue


    The wire harness that we provide have a SUB port, if your car have multiple sub port, please purchase a one-three or one- two port according to your car RCA wire.


  1. Please make sure all wires are connected correctly


    If the unit shut down or smoke, it was the wrong wire connection that cause the unit damaged.


  1. For the steering wheel control


    This unit only support analog signal steering wheel control, you need to order an extra canbus decoder from your local car shop if your car has digital signal steering wheel control.

3. Main interface

 In the boot mode, the system defaults to enter the radio interface, touch【】icon to enter the main interface:

①Fingers gently sliding around the screen to switch the main community page, press and hold an icon to move the icon position.

②In other function interface, touch interface 【】 icon directly return to the previous screen.

③In other function interface, touch interface 【】 icon directly return to the main screen.

④Daemon icon, touch 【】 icon to see recently opened and run in the background.

⑤In the main interface touch 【】 icon to enter 【all applications】 interface.

⑥With your finger in the upper right area of ​​the main interface to decline, can quickly open the Settings Car Settings Feedback cleanup WLAN Closed luminance sound function setting interface.


4. Warning

To ensure that you and your car and personal safety of others, please be sure to do the following basic requirements:

①Before using this unit, please read all instructions carefully. Follow the instructions as if caused by the machine along the sea, it will void the warranty.

②To ensure traffic safety and to avoid violation of traffic regulations, do not watch the program and operate the unit while driving.

③To avoid short circuit, do not allow the unit in contact with rainwater.

④To prevent a short circuit, do not prevent or leave any metallic objects (such as coins or metal tools) inside the device.

⑤When the engine is turned off, do not use the car stereo for a long time, otherwise it will run out of battery power.

⑥Never insert objects into the ventilation slots or other openings of the device.

⑦Do not use sharp objects come into contact, rub or strike the screen.

5. Telephony features

 In the 【main interface】 touch 【Phone】 icon to enter the following interface:

5.1   Pair and connect

①When the phone is paired with the host for the first time, shall look at the steps:

Open the phone Bluetooth feature.

②Search by mobile Bluetooth device or search for Bluetooth devices through the host, and connect.

③Is displayed on the phone screen a message, enter the password (0000) on your phone, then press (ENT).

④After pairing, to enter the following interface:  Bluetooth system after re-energized, it will automatically connect to the last phone disconnected. After successful pairing, the connection state upper right corner 【】 icon is white. Must open the phone Let all nearby Bluetooth devices to detect feature, you can search for hosts to mobile devices. Call History Phonebookdialsearch for Bluetooth devicesBluetooth Settings


When the phone is connected to the host is successful, enter the phone number via the keypad on the touch screen, then touch 【】 icon to make a call. In the dial-up process, if input wrong number, touch 【】 icon deletes by single digits, press 【】 icon to delete all. The following interface:

5.2   Call History

Touch Bluetooth interface 【】 icon to enter the following interface:

①Touch the bottom right corner 【】 icon to switch outgoing missed incoming calls display interface.

Note: After the connection is successful, the phone sends a request message ( BC8-Andrdoid wish to access your contacts and call history you want to grant access BC8-Andrdoid.ask Privileges? ) And press 【Enter】 on your phone, enter the phone book download, the download is successful, the phone call records and phone book will be displayed in real time to the host call records and phone book. (As part of the host Bluetooth device name is not the same, please Shall prevail in kind)

touch Bluetooth interface 【】 icon to enter the following interface:

②Touch 【Device Name PIN code】 pop-up numeric keypad, you will need to modify the device name PIN code

③Touch 【】 icon to set the 【Automatic Auto Answer】 function switch.

5.3   Phonebook

Touch Bluetooth interface 【】 icon to enter the phone book as follows interface:

6.Wallpaper functional operation

In the 【main interface】 touch 【Wallpaper】 icon to enter the following interface, you can select your favorite wallpaper in the background and drag the wallpaper can browse, then press 【Set wallpaper】 icon set success.

7.Cleaning equipment

   If the surface of the device has a stain, use a clean, soft cloth to remove spots, such as cleaning cloth.

If the panel is very powerful dirty, wipe with a mild detergent dirt, then use a clean, soft cloth to wipe off the cleaner.

  • Mechanical parts cleaning spray may affect the device directly on the device. Hard cloth or using a volatile liquid (such as thinner or alcohol) to wipe the surface this may scratch the surface or erase character.

8.Radio operation

8.1  Radio operation

   In the 【main interface】 touch 【Radio】 icon to enter the radio interface:


Touch 【BAND】 icon to switch between FM1 FM2 FM3 AM1 AM2.

8.3  Fine-tune search

Press 【】 and 【】 icon trimming point by point, long press the manual search, when the search to the radio will automatically stop.

8.4  Automatic search storage radio stations

①Long press 【】again icon to automatically enter the search state to search stations automatically stored. Touch the search process 【】 icon to terminate the automatic search for a station.

②Search, search again after the search will stop automatically.

9.Bluetooth music function

Bluetooth music function, namely through the audio device to play wireless music files in your phone, provided that this mobile phone must be able to support the corresponding Bluetooth protocol. When the Bluetooth device is connected to the machine After the audio system automatically connect to a paired phone. In the 【main interface】 Touch 【Bluetooth music】 icon to enter the following interface:

Because of different phone models and in some cases should start to play audio files through the phone keypad.

10. Panel Key Functions

   Please refer to the physical panels, inquiries about the corresponding key introduction. (Part Function Keys If deviation, please prevail in kind)

11. Music functional operation

①This function can play USB, built-in hard disk connected device audio files.

②The product supports music file formats including MP3, M4A, WAV, AMR, WMA, OGG, AAC, MID and so on.

③Does not support music playback, may be prompted to format does not support can not be played.

④In the 【main interface】 touch 【music】 icon to enter the following interface:

12. Set function operation

12.1  Set function operation

In 【all applications】 interface touch 【Settings】 icon to enter the following interface:


12.2  WLAN Settings

Opening and closing WLAN

Touch 【WIFI】 next to the button to open the WLAN, WLAN open later, if you are surrounded by WLAN network in the list on the right column will be searched. The following interface:

Connection Wireless WLAN


  • Search to wireless WLAN if not encrypted, it will automatically connect after open WLAN.
  • If there is encryption, click on the wireless WLAN name, a password will automatically pop up a window, generally only need to enter your password and click on the bottom right of the Connect button to connect.
  • Check the lower-left corner of the Show advanced options later, there will be more detailed settings, when connecting this function can be selected according to their needs:

12.3  Apps & notification

Settings page in touch 【Apps & notification】 icon to enter the following interface:

  • Last 7days notification can be checked.
  • Default apps can be chosen.


12.4 Language input

Settings page in touch 【Language input】 icon to enter the following interface:

  • Language Settings page includes selecting a language, keyboard and input method settings.
  • Product interface language support for Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.

12.5 Date and time settings

Set interface touch 【Date and Time】 icon to enter the following interface; you need to set the date, time, time zone, in the corresponding interface in touch 【completed】 icon to set successfully.



12.6 Version number information

Settings page in touch (on vehicle computer) icon, you can view the Android version revision number.

 13 .Optional feature operation

13.1 AUX function operation (optional)

Video input jack plug to connect the input video input, audio input plug to connect the input audio input jack.

13.2 T-V functional operation (optional)

When the unit is connected to a plug-in digital TV boxes in the 【main interface】 touch 【T-V】 icon to start the digital TV function. See detailed functional user interface, says digital TV operations Bright.


14 Navigation operations

Please note the built-in navigation is online map, if you need the offline map, please download in advance


14.1  Before the navigation instructions

①Make sure that the host and the satellite antenna is connected properly, switched within a period of time,        satellite antennas need to receive satellite signals and update the information, you can wait for a while to work this time Screen status bar displays the satellite has registration marks.

②Make sure that the vehicle is not in the position of the satellite signal receiving bad places, such as tunnel, bridge, next to the tall buildings and the like.

③Driver to be pre-set navigation destination in the parking state, the process of moving Do not operate the navigation.

14.2 Navigation map Description

Because of urban construction and the rapid development of road transport, the company will continue to update the navigation map navigation map, please keep abreast of updated navigation map information is updated, if found to navigation Map of route guidance with actual road conditions or traffic control situation is not, according to the actual road conditions, traffic control and traffic rules drive the vehicle.


①You can find all kinds of search functions based on navigation software needs to reach the destination, set  the destination, start planning the path, a navigation.

②In the driver more familiar area, driving their own choice may be more suitable than driving situation path may be higher than the navigation software navigation planning.

14.3  Error

Satellite signal reception errors under normal circumstances, at about 7 meters, and in some cases, the timely adoption of this software product may still bias automatically corrected, then please note that the driver View Police to be driving the actual road conditions prevail.


Navigation system environment is complex, it may be due to large external electromagnetic interference caused by operation error, navigation is not working properly (if not into a map, GPS and so no image).Restart GPS can enter normal operation.

15 Car Settings function operation

In the 【main interface】 Touch 【Car Settings】 icon to enter the following interface:

15.1 Navi Software Settings

Navigation path has been set up at the factory, please do not enter the navigation interface is set free to change the path. Otherwise, it may cause abnormal program.

15.2 Backlight Settings


Drag the 【】 icon, the effect can be adjusted backlight settings.

15.3 Radio Area

Choose your favorite country radio area.

15.4 Default Setting

Drag the 【】 icon to adjust the default volume.


15.5 Factory setting

In the 【Factory setting】 screen, it contains a lot of specific feature adjustment options, if you have any needs, please contact us for technical support.