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How to modify rear view mirror?

How to modify rear view mirror?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to modify rear view mirror?


Car modification has always been a hot topic. Most car rear view mirror are basically foldable. There are two folding functions, one is manual, this kind requires the driver to stick their hands out of the window or get out of the car to fold, which is inconvenient and unsafe.The other one is also electrical rear view mirror , which has the advantage that the driver can fold it while in the car, and the mirrors automatically open when the vehicle is started.


In view of the pain point that the rear view mirror cannot be automatically folded, there are automatic folding modification resources on the market. Today we will take a look at how to modify the Buick rearview mirror.



Step 1:  Remove Door Kit


Start from the driver's seat. There are 5 screws on the entire door panel. After removing the screws, break them hard. After the bottom is detached, lift the door panel up and you can take it. It is strongly recommended that sufficient preparations be done before dismantling, in addition to asking the seller for advice In addition, search the Internet for reference materials.


rear view mirror



Step 2:  Decomposition lens


  1. Press the lens to one side, and use a flat-shaped plastic spudger to stretch in and twist the raised side, and the lens is easily released, so the operation will never cause the problem of breaking the lens of rearview mirror.
  2. Pry the decorative cover below.
  3. Unscrew the 3 screws of the front cover and take off the front frame part.


Step 3:  Replace the motor base


After the disassembly is completed, use ordinary pliers to slightly expand and extend into the aluminum shaft barrel, press down and rotate (one side is clockwise, the other side is counterclockwise, and the direction is opposite when reassembling), you can remove the connecting shaft, the next step Just replace the motor base that you purchased.


rear view mirror


Step 4:  Correct wire layout


When routing the cable inside the door panel, remember to follow the original car route and tie it tightly, so as to avoid the tragedy of the cable being broken when the glass is lifted.


Step 5:  Test and Recovery


After the wiring harness layout is completed, the sound insulation cotton can be installed, and the door panel must be restored after the test of rear view mirror has no problem.

In general, it is feasible to install the automatic folding function of the rearview mirror. To install the automatic folding function of the rearview mirror of the vehicle, it is necessary to replace the rearview mirror assembly of the original vehicle.


rear view mirror


Not only the rearview mirror of the vehicle needs to be removed, but also the door panels of the main driver and the co-driver of the vehicle need to be removed, and the power supply must be connected. The setting switch can also be matched with the car computer to achieve the purpose of optimal use, so that the motor vehicle can automatically fold the rearview mirror when the car is locked to ensure the safety of the parking of the motor vehicle.