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How to update wireless CarPlay adapter

YuanYuan Liu |

How to update wireless CarPlay adapter

wireless carplay


If you have a car that uses a wired USB Apple CarPlay entertainment system, you may wonder if there is some way to get rid of wired and use wireless instead.

After all, the wires hurt a little. In a car, you have to remember the cable and connect it to the iPhone, especially.

I have good news. There is a solution: wireless CarPlay adapter

The premise of using wireless carplay adapter is that the original car is equipped with wired carplay, The operation is also simple,These adapters connect to the CarPlay USB port in the car and allow wireless connectivity between iPhone and CarPlay systems.

The price is also very reasonable. It only costs 50-60 dollars, which can help you get rid of the trouble of mobile phone data lines


wireless CarPlay


Wireless CarPlay dongles often have many advantages and disadvantages.


The advantages are obvious - you don't have to connect the iPhone to the cable, which means you can put the iPhone in your bag or pocket without having to fiddle with it every time you get in and out of the car.

As for shortcomings, there are also some. After all, it is a rear mounted system, which may be incompatible with the original system, resulting in a little delay or jamming in video viewing.There is no doubt that wired connections are faster and smoother than using the wireless CarPlay adapter. This is because the adapter must act as the intermediary between iPhone and CarPlay system (this is incorrect for the CarPlay system installed in the factory, because these systems are better optimized).But the good news is the product developers have also noticed this. In the process of constant trial and improvement, through constant version upgrading, they are constantly improving the adaptability of the adapter and the original vehicle system, trying to make the customer operate more smoothly and experience better.

When you have it, you who pursue the ultimate user experience may think, how can I upgrade my adapter to get the latest version? Don't worry, please read this article patiently


wireless CarPlay


Generally, there are two ways to upgrade: one is to upgrade online, and the other is to download the upgrade package to upgrade yourself

The first operation is very simple. You can ask the after-sales service personnel for the upgrade link, and then you can complete the upgrade by following the steps of networking

The second method is more complicated. Please allow me to introduce it in detail

  1. Prepare a SDcard, format it to FAT32.
  2. Download the update file in your computer(You can find the after-sales service personnel to ask for the upgrade package link)
  3. Move the update file into your TF card, please note DONT unzip the file and make sure the statue of it is: zip
  4. Plug the wireless CarPlay adapterinto your car,stay at the wireless CarPlay adapter home screen.
  5. Plug the SDcard into wireless CarPlay adapter, wait for few seconds, the adapter will recognize the file automatically then click OK for doing the update and restart by itself
  6. Pull out theSD card after the upgrade is complete.


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