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What is car stereo with DAB or RDS?

YuanYuan Liu |

What is car stereo with DAB or RDS?


Nowadays, when televisions, tape recorders, CDs, and the Internet are highly popular, traditional radio broadcasting is still flourishing. There are still countless car radio listeners who use different types radios to listen to News broadcast, Realtime affairs, other information, etc.


The development history of Radio


The Civil broadcasting and radio were invented in the early 20th century. In the past hundred years, radio broadcasting and radio technology have undergone earth-shaking changes. The Broadcasting format began in the era of AM broadcasting, and experienced stages such as FM broadcasting, FM STEREO broadcasting, and digital audio broadcasting (DAB). The same is true in the car radio industry, car stereo with AM&FM, car stereo with DAB.


Terminology concept


RDS is a special radio broadcast system developed by the British BBC Broadcasting Company, namely "Radio Data System". It uses subcarriers in the FM broadcast transmission signal to transmit the station name, program type, program content and other information in digital form.


To put it simply: RDS is a specific function, or can conceded as a system. If your car radio has RDS receiving function and the radio station you are listening to has RDS signal transmission, then you are able to listen to the radio station, and text information such as the name of the current radio station will be displayed on your radio screen at the same time.



DAB, which full name is Digital Audio Broadcasting. It is the third generation of broadcasting after AM and FM traditional analog broadcasting-digital signal broadcasting. It has the advantages of anti-noise, anti-interference, anti-radio wave propagation fading, suitable for high-speed mobile reception, etc. The same is true in the car stereo with DAB.



In one word, the development of car stereo with DAB systems in the world can be roughly divided into European regulations Eureka-147, American IBOC (In-Band On-Channel) and French DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale), and some countries develop their own car stereo with DAB systems.


In this article, we're going to focus on car stereo with RDS. How to transfer this feature to the car become an urgent need. Actually, it’s simple, similar to the original development principle of Binize, adding the functions of the iPad to the car audio.


First of all, let’s recall the history of the development of RDS feature.In 1974, a group of people in Europe began to conspire to use limited radio spectrum resources to transmit more credit information. In 1980, they conducted the first practical test in Bern, Switzerland. In 1984, the first official RDS technical specification EBU 3244 turned out; in the same year, Ford Corporation of the United States began the research and development of automotive RDS radios.


In 1987, at the IFA exhibition in Berlin, people finally saw the image of the RDS car stereo radio. Volvo of Germany launched the world's first RDS car radio. In 1988, Grundig and Philip also began mass production of RDS car radios.


Take Binize Android 10 system as an example, the visualization of RDS is reflected in the EQ setting, which not only supports adjust during the FM&AM radio, but also has a separate app.


RDS hardware specification

1) Subcarrier pilot frequency: 57KHz +/- 6Hz, the nominal frequency deviation of the main carrier is +/-1.0KHz to +/-7.5KHz;

2) Modulation method: PSK (Phase Shift Keying)

3) Data transmission bit rate: 1187.5bit/s


Abbreviated comments:

1)TA----Traffic Announcement Recognition

2) AF----Replacement frequency table

3) PTY----Program type


The RDS feature is only part of the Binize 10 Inch Double din Android 10 system, and there are more new features,such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and so on just waiting for you to discover:

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