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How about New generation Kia Carens ?

How about New generation Kia Carens ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How about New generation Kia Carens ?


The new generation of Kia carens was launched in India. The kia carens model was transformed from the original minivan into a dynamic SUV. At the same time, it also boasted that it has the longest wheelbase in the same class to provide a spacious and comfortable three row seat space. The car room functionality has also been fully evolved. Among them, the cockpit is equipped with the latest Kia networking technology and digital technology, and the safety equipment is also perfect.


Kia carens


Although the Kia carens is a family RV tailored for India, it will also regard India as the main market of the product in the future, but the design and function of all aspects have reached the high standards of the global mainstream. The appearance design has Kia's always fashionable and dynamic characteristics, and the unique aesthetics has eye-catching characteristics, which endows this family RV with a more distinct sense of existence. At the same time, it also keeps enough spacious head space for the car room.


Kia carens


The cockpit is equipped with digital instruments, a 10.25 inch touch screen built-in navigation system, and Kia carens Connect networking technology replaces the original UVO system to enhance convenience and security. Many functions include the remote update function of OTA maps and systems. In addition, it supports more than 60 other car networking functions. The built-in smart voice control of kia carens also has the ability to identify 10 languages.


Kia carens cabin ambient lighting provides 64 color options, while the audio system can be upgraded to an 8-speaker Bose ambient system, the front seats are equipped with ventilation and cooling design, and the second row seats have a one-button quick-folding function , the function of kia carens is very powerful.


Another highlight of the Kia carens interior is that it provides a considerate storage design, in which the cup holder also has a cold insulation function, a folding dinner plate is attached at the back of the chair, and a hidden drawer is set under the chair; In addition, the smart phone wireless charging seat also has a cooling function. The second and third rows of seats have their own roof air conditioning vents. When the rear door is opened, there are kia carens projection lights. There are five groups of USB-C charging holes in the car, and handles and lights are specially set to help passengers get on and off.


The appearance gradually becomes smooth, and the supporting facilities are constantly optimized and upgraded. Just like our Binize Multimedia Video Box, it is constantly updated to meet the higher needs of customer groups.


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From Android 9 to Android 10, we have been on the road to continuously improve our products to meet customer needs.