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How to use Binize CarPlay Adapter 2023 ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to use Binize CarPlay Adapter 2023 ?

While I typically don't write reviews for CarPlay Adapter 2023 , I felt compelled to provide some insights into using the Binize CarPlay Adapter due to the various information circulating about it. This review should prove helpful to anyone considering this adapter. As of the end of July 2023, I have successfully installed the Binize CarPlay Adapter 2023 in my 2018 Acura MDX SH-AWD Tech model.

Binize CarPlay Adapter

Before installing, I had come across reviews advising users to delete the previous Bluetooth connections, such as Acura's "Handsfreelink." These same sources recommended plugging in the adapter, connecting to its Wi-Fi network, and performing initial and subsequent updates. However, in my experience, none of these steps were necessary; the adapter was already up-to-date and functional upon plugging in.

For technical specifics of the adapter: The web page at displayed that the software version was 2023.04.19.1000, with hardware version U2AC35800. The initial version was listed as 20230419. The Wi-Fi network name is "AutoKit_A2."

Upon connecting to the Wi-Fi network and attempting to update, I then disconnected from it and connected to the Bluetooth network, labeled "AutoKit_A2." It prompted me to establish a connection, and upon confirming, Apple Carplay loaded seamlessly. Testing included successful audio streaming and verification of Google Maps functionality.


Binize CarPlay Adapter

This entire process took approximately 15 minutes. For those wondering about loading times, I compared CarPlay Adapter 2023 to my 2022 Acura MDX, which supports wireless CarPlay. The Binize 5.0 kit took around 18 seconds to establish a connection and fully load CarPlay's startup page. In comparison, the 2022 MDX took about 14 seconds. The slightly longer wait time with the Binize adapter is negligible. After connecting, the performance was impressive, with swift responsiveness and good audio quality.

I intend to provide a follow-up review in 6 months, assuming no issues arise. If there are no further updates from me, you can assume the adapter continues to work well. However, should any problems emerge in the interim, I will post an update. The 6-month review will focus on daily use and long-term reliability.

Additional Update:


Binize CarPlay Adapter

After several days of using the Binize CarPlay Adapter 2023, I hold a highly positive opinion of this product. I've employed it in my other vehicle, a 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe, and it functions exceptionally. I am inclined to recommend it widely. Notably, my car has both wired CarPlay and wired Android Auto. I also own a Samsung Galaxy S23 and an iPhone 14 Pro Max. An intriguing feature I discovered during use is that when I deactivate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on my Samsung phone, it automatically connects to my iPhone 14 Pro Max when its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are active, and vice versa. This seamless transition eliminates the need for manual intervention. The adapter exhibits minimal latency in my car and outperforms other market options. I had previously tried otto and autosky adapters, but they proved unreliable, frequently disconnecting and restarting. Additionally, their customer service support was lacking.