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Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Compatible With All Cars

YuanYuan Liu |

Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter Suit for All Cars


When you can use wireless CarPlay in your car, wired connections become obsolete. At this point, many automakers should feel a little embarrassed. Why? Because their infotainment system is too lame. It is no exaggeration to say that the use of CarPlay makes all built-in car infotainment systems look outdated. However, most brand cars now only support wired CarPlay connection. So, when you can use a wireless Apple CarPlay adapter, why plug in your phone?


apple carplay


Why Would You Want a Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter?


For most cars, you have to plug your phone into the car to make it work. This requires a Lightning to USB cable, which can be painful. Every time you get in the car, you have to fiddle with your phone. Once connected, your phone will search for updates and CarPlay will begin to work.

The wireless CarPlay and Android Auto adapters implement a basic function: They eliminate the need for your phone to access CarPlay and Android Auto functions. It’s not a big dealr for some people, but for others, this convenience is a change. Being completely wireless allows you to put your phone aside, so you don't have to look at it every few seconds. The wireless connection provides a seamless experience, allowing you to get the features you want automatically just by jumping into the car.


The Best Wireless Apple CarPlay Adapter For Any Car


It's great to be able to access all of your main iPhone apps on your car's display. CarPlay provides a simple interface and quick access to all the core functions you may need. Most importantly, it supports Siri and third-party applications, which are all you must have in your car. CarPlay now even supports widget views. In this way, you can have an animated map, and your music player and phone controls will be displayed on the side.

Binize wireless Apple CarPlay adapter connects to your car through a standard USB port, acting as a wireless channel between your car and iPhone. In this way, you can connect to the adapter wirelessly via Bluetooth. Now you don’t have to plug your iPhone into the car every time you get in the car.

Binize CarPlay adapter is a small, portable device that can be plugged directly into your car. It has a matte black case, and rounded edges provide better impact resistance than sharp corners. It comes with two short USB tethers that can be easily removed. It is also easy to replace if it is damaged, unlike a built-in tether or braid. There is also a bright green LED light on the front of the casing, which will light up when it is plugged in.



apple carplay



How It Works


Like most similar devices, this integrated solution is through the USB input connected to your head unit. It can only run on iPhone6/Apple iOS 10+, not on certain vehicles. Binize wireless Apple CarPlay adapter allows the factory steering wheel control to be completely retained, without the need for adapters or other additional components. The 5gHz Bluetooth connection provides very low latency, even when using Apple Maps.


apple carplay