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What does a Car Stereo Noise Filter do?

YuanYuan Liu |


What does a Car Stereo Noise Filter do?


Are you bothered by hearing interference noises when you turn on the car radio? Generally speaking, this noise sounds like a whine in the background of a speaker, and the pitch of the noise increases with the engine speed. Even on short trips, this noise can be annoying. How to avoid this kind of noise? Is there something like a filter to filter out this noise? This article will explain the reason for getting these buzzing sounds, and explain how the car stereo noise filter works.




What is a Car Stereo Noise Filter?


The car stereo noise filter is also called a ground loop isolator. It can prevent high-frequency current from car electrical appliances from entering the car stereo. Eliminating this high-frequency interference will stop all annoying noise and interference.


What Can Cause Car Stereo to be Noisy


Several situations can cause a whining sound from the car stereo. The most common culprit is the electrical from the car's alternator. Loose wires from any stereo components and related wiring may also be the main reason---alternator wire, amplifier wire, a stereo head unit is bad, cross-overs connectors, subwoofer wire, speaker ground wires.



Your car stereo is a constant companion on the road. The whining sound of the car stereo means that you have to turn off the radio or endure annoyance. You need to solve this problem, and it's easier than you think. A car stereo noise filter can settle this.


What does a Car Stereo Noise Filter do?


The car stereo noise filter is small and easy to install. The car stereo noise filter is just around soft ferrite (magnetic sensor) core with a single wire wound on both ends. Ferrite absorbs high-frequency noise from the coil (your audio power cord) to solve the noise problem. Audio noise filters can be used to eliminate many ground loop sound/alternator whining problems. It is worth noting that some cars have a car stereo noise filter pre-installed, others may need an external filter.


How to Wire a Car Stereo Noise Filter?



There are some useful ways to install a car stereo noise filter in your car. The connection is very simple, just connect the power cord of the igniter to one side of the car stereo noise filter, and then connect the output line of the car stereo noise filter to the power supply on the stereo or other input device.

If you think the installation is more laborious, you can seek professional.