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What Benefit Does Split Touch Screen Car Radio Can Bring to You?

YuanYuan Liu |

What Benefit Does Split Touch Screen Car Radio Can Bring to You?

While driving, have you ever had to roll out a navigation app because you wanted to listen to the song of Taylor Swift? If you’ve ever wanted to run two apps at the same time when using touch screen car stereo, you might be excited at the possibility of a dedicated split-screen mode that now has been rolling out and available for select vehicles. The split touch screen car radio will bring more fantastic experience.

Android Auto Car Stereo 

The latest Android Auto Update introduces some important new features, including support for a new split-screen mode that allows users to run two separate apps in a split-screen situation. In a split touch screen car radio, this function can be put in the screen directly.

Touch Screen Head Unit with Carplay

For carplay, the best part is, once it’s connected, it’s already a split touch screen car radio. Apple has used the release of the iOS system to introduce a new feature for CarPlay users,this allows them to display multiple apps on the screen at the same time, all in an effort to eliminate the need to jump from one app to another while driving.

In some touch screen car radios, there is a built-in split-screen function, and it works like the split-screen function of the iPad. Users can put two apps side by side at the same time even isn’t in a carplay or Android Auto situation.

Split touch screen car radio supports navigation apps, phone call information, music players, and calendar integration.

Time saver

In a touch screen car stereo with navigation, users can have full control over their music player such as Spotify while using Google Maps. You can always have the GPS directions in view, don’t need to switch to the music app to change songs or playlists which isn't easily done.

Drive safer

While you driving with the GPS on through carplay or android auto, and there is a message come in, no worry to think about the navigation app will be cover by the message when reading. Whenever you press a notification to read the message, the assistant will pop up to read it loudly, and the navigation on the other side will not be disturb.

To choose a Split touch screen car radio, which size is the best? Of course, A 10.1 inch car stereo is better than a 7 inch android car stereo due to the big screen. But most important is if compatible with your car or not.


Needless to say, people love touch screen stereo with split-screen function because they could get information from multiple apps with just a glance at the screen. Whatever, trying to use both apps on split-screen, maybe your weekend on a long trip can more beautiful!