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Install Car Stereo by Yourself, Convenient and Fast You can make it !

YuanYuan Liu |

Now that the car industry is developing faster and faster, many cars have been equipped with original car stereos. It has even sparked a trend for bigger car stereo touch screens. But most low-matching models have no touch screen car stereo or not many android car stereo functions. For the sake of convenience and safety, some people choose to install an android car stereo with a big touch screen.


So the question is, spending high labor costs of installing from a professional car stereo local shop or buying some wires at a low price to do the head unit installation by yourself?


With no doubt, I choose the second one.

In addition to saving money from your pockets, which can also make you benefit a lot from the entire process of installing by yourself.


Keeping reading and find the reason why!


①Make you save money

The general situation is that professional car stereo shops charge high fees. And they not only charge for labor fees (this is usually quite reasonable, depending on the store and place you live in) but also charge additional accessories.


②You will become knowledgeable

Before you have been exposed to this aspect of the head unit installation, you will rarely have a more detailed understanding of the car. But, once you enter the world of car stereo a little bit, then you will be deeply unable to extricate yourself~


For example:

On the left is the seventh-generation Accord, on the right is the eighth-generation Accord. It's not just the difference from appearance you see, the speakers, air conditioners, and even the dash kit will be slightly different. Especially the difference of the wiring harness will bring you hard work more or less during the head unit installation process.

Accord 7Accord 8


At this time, you will need the help of Google and YouTube. After an unremitting search, you will find that although the car brands are the same, different versions of cars still have different configurations, such as low, medium, and high configurations.


Have to mention that you may also need to study the benefits and differences between plug-and-play wiring adapter and direct-welded wiring harnesses. So, as you can feel if you do complete the whole process, then your wisdom and knowledge will be greatly enhanced!



③Your searching skills on Internet will rapidly improve

Accord car radio

After doing the head unit installation by yourself, you will find that the Internet is a very nice existence. One of the prime principles you will learn is that it will take time to find good and reliable information.


When you finally decide to do the head unit installation by yourself, you will naturally realize that you need to search for the opinions and information from other people on the Internet to take a reference, and then combine it with the actual situation of your car to make it.


Over time, you will soon find that some inertial patterns appear when trying to find information. You are undoubtedly doing research!


You can make it!


This is incredible, you don’t have to deal with the stress of what to do with the head unit installation on your car or truck. After you complete one or two DIY projects yourself, you will "know" what to do next more or less.


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