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How improve car radio reception?

YuanYuan Liu |

How improve car radio reception?


Nowadays, whether we are looking for restaurants or driving a car for a road trip? Car GPS signal navigations are often used wisely, whether it’s Google or Waze Maps, this kind of precise navigation really brings a lot of convenience to our daily lives and work. However, sometimes it is very clear that the network is fine, but when you open the map app for navigation, you will find that it is very weak. So, what we can do to deal with this headache?

As we have always mentioned, the correct use of all electronic devices depends on the perfect coordination of hardware and software at the same time. So, the solutions also need to be considered from these two aspects.




‍️Reason 1: The problem with the GPS signal receiver in the car.

The GPS signal receiver is usually a small black box in the car, when the GPS signal reception is weak, you can change the side from left to the right, and reinstall it to the b-pillar.


‍️Reason 2: Signal interference from other electronic devices in the car.

In this case, you can turn off the vehicle and observe the GPS signal. If there is still a problem, the electronic device has nothing to do. But if it returns to normal, it means that the GPS signal is affected by other electronic devices.


‍️Reason 3: The car film reduces the GPS signal reception in the car.

GPS satellite signal itself is microwave transmission, which determines that it is easily blocked. And from tens of thousands of kilometers away in space, it is only about one-twentieth of the ordinary radio broadcast signal, so some common objects such as tunnels, houses and even car films will block the signal.

In this case, the car's film cannot be removed, because it is too wasteful of time and money, so the necessity of upgrading the car android stereo system has emerged.



How to improve the signal reception from the car android system?


Take Binize as an example:

For Bluetooth & WIFI signal reception, there is a reverse wire owns two little blue wires, if your car head unit has weak Bluetooth & WIFI signal reception, please cut these two wire a little bit shorter, then you will get instant results.


For GPS signal reception, this feature can be optimized by upgrading the car android system. The android system car stereo from Binize is divided into 2 types: MTK & T3 system. Only the T3 system can be update.


Android T3 system is the advanced system from Binize, we have been continuously improving the car android system firmware every a few months once necessary. Improve system stability, Binize engineers will continue to repair system based on user feedback. Improve the fluency of the system, after the car stereo is used for a long time, will inevitably need a newer system to optimize the using environment.

Extended information

For GPS voice navigation products, it is not just a signal "drift" problem, there will also be voice lag when the car is moving at high speed. There are two main reasons: One is the error in the positioning itself, and the other is that the voice processing system is half a bit slow.


In other words, the system software of existing navigator products is still under continuous development and upgrade, because such a navigation program is written in different ways, and the result is that it will have a great impact on the total time of program processing.


The latest android car stereo from Binize is android 10, 7&10 Inch 2 Din, which is compatible with built in CarPlay and Android Auto, this is an android car stereo with the most highlights throughout Binize’s history.


Success belongs to the persevering, Binize always on the road!