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How did cerato 2019 make a strong comeback?

YuanYuan Liu |

How did cerato 2019 make a strong comeback?


cerato 2019


At the 2019 North American Auto Show, Kia brought its newly designed cerato 2019. The new car has been on sale in mid-2019. The starting price of the cerato 2019 will start at $31,990. The new car adopts a new design appearance. With a stronger power combination, the new car has a certain position in the overseas hatchback model market after its launch.

In terms of the appearance of the cerato 2019 the new car will be designed with a new appearance. The front face of the new car is designed with a layered front air intake grille, and the upper air intake adopts a design similar to an inverted trapezoid, with new designs on both sides. The headlight group design of the new car is relatively slender, and the interior of the new car headlight group will adopt a new shape design, which will be highly recognizable after lighting. It has a trapezoidal design and is matched with the fog lamp area with triangular design on both sides. The fog lamp adopts a horizontal strip design. The new car will also be designed with a black sports front surround to further enhance the sports performance of the cerato 2019.


From the side of the new car, the waistline of the new car runs from the headlights to the taillights of the cerato 2019 and the waistline of the new car is designed above the door handle. In terms of the rear of the new car, the rear of the new car is designed to be very dynamic. The taillight group adopts a new design, which at first glance feels like a BMW. The structure of the internal light group is somewhat similar to the design of the current BMW 3 series, and the effect after lighting is also very eye-catching. With the shark fin antenna, the design of the rear fog lights also adopts a triangular area design with a horizontal stripe light strip design, which echoes the design of the front face. The position of the rear bumper of the new car also adopts a blackened design.



cerato 2019


In terms of the interior of the cerato 2019, the new car will be designed with Kia's latest family-style design language, with a three-spoke flat-bottom sports multi-function steering wheel, with a whirlwind air-conditioning outlet, and a large floating screen in the central control. The design of the new car is very technological, and the gear lever of the new car also adopts a new design, which brings better grip and operability to the driver.

In terms of other configurations of the new car, the cerato 2019 will be equipped with keyless entry as standard, with fabric padded seats, 8-way power adjustment, leather-wrapped steering wheel, aluminum alloy sports pedals, and silver chrome handles and wireless phone charging. The cerato 2019 will also feature an eight-speaker JBL audio system, an 8-inch touchscreen in the center console, and an integrated satellite navigation system.

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cerato 2019


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