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From the navigator to the car stereo with navigation, some things you have to know.

YuanYuan Liu |

The world's first navigator application


The origin of navigator: In 1989, a group of dedicated engineers and a great product idea created GARMIN, the leading brand of global satellite positioning and navigation systems. Made the first handheld GPS used by the coalition forces in the Persian Gulf War. Which set a new milestone for the GPS industry.


Different specifications of navigators


The square hanging on the windshield, dragging a tail is called Portable Navigation Device;


There is no difference between the appearance and the ordinary MP4. The flexibility of the configuration is greatly improved, and it is generally adsorbed by a stent suction cup on the front windshield. Map upgrade, information update, etc. is very convenient. There are generally built-in batteries, but due to the GPS module is very powerful, cost control, plus the need for long battery life, etc., the portable navigator generally does not have a long-term battery life. Generally, it keeps up within 2 hours, relying on the car cigarette lighter power supply.


Hold the steering wheel in one hand, and hold the hot thing in the other hand, which is called Mobile phone navigation


The navigation phones on the market are divided into two categories, and one is true through the satellite in space for GPS navigation, and the error is 3-5 meters. The other category is roughly navigated through the base station and the network. The general positioning error is 100 meters.


The one that removes the center console of the original car and puts it on a slick screen is called car DVD player.


Installed in the car, which is generally pre-installed by manufacture, but due to price problems, more and more people choose to purchase such big touch screen aftermarket car head unit with GPS and Bluetooth. Because it is embedded, specially customized, which is friendly to decorate the interior of the car.



Important industry revolution


With the popularization of smart phones, it brings new challenges to the car radio with GPS industry. How to connect smart phones with cars has become an important issue for car companies and IT companies. That is: Car stereo with navigation system!


Giants have BMW IDRIVE system, Mercedes-Benz COMAND system, Audi MMI system, Volvo Sensus system


Why don't we know very well? Because they are owned by the car, unless you buy a car installed with this system, you have no chance to enjoy it. Actually, drivers who have these systems, most of them are not used, because it is not very convenient to use from a certain point of view. Making traditional car companies to try user experience, which is really a hard thing.


The IT giants also took note of this phenomenon and jumped in. Google's Android Auto system, Apple's CarPlay system etc.


Binize also doesn’t leave away from the waves of our days.

Not only in the field of large touch screen car stereo with navigation, Binize also has certain achievements in the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android auto. The latest version type from Binize:

Portable CarPlay Navigation Device


The year of smart car stereo with navigation system is coming to us, based on the application development of the car stereo navigation system, it is also a vast sky. Car is not only a vehicle, but also a space of entertainment, work space, which relies on a powerful car system!