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A few things you should know about stereo wire connection

YuanYuan Liu |

A few things you should know about stereo wire connection


As the core application of the Internet of Vehicles, the importance of car navigation has already been no need to mention. Today, let’s talk about the highest frequency of problems in car navigation—stereo wire connection.

How much current and voltage does the stereo wiring connectionneed?


In-vehicle electronic equipment is usually divided into cars and trucks.

①The battery voltage of an ordinary car is 12V, so the entire vehicle power supply system is 12V as the standard design work. Considering that the voltage shock will exceed the battery voltage when the car is running at high speed after starting, it will generally reach 16~18V. 


Even some batteries cannot absorb the aging spike voltage, and the voltage exceeds 20V. Therefore, the withstand voltage of car electronic systems can generally work below 24V, and 24V can also be undamaged for a short time. Pay attention, it’s temporary.


②The truck system needs a 24V battery, so the entire vehicle power supply system is up to a level. Also taking into account the issue of impulse voltage, electronic circuit design is generally to the level of 40V.


For the above reasons, if the product design specifically specifies the voltage requirements, the price is generally cheaper and can only be used on cars. Binize car stereo is an example. If not specifically noted, it is a general-purpose system, which can be used in trucks or cars.


Usually, the vehicle is equipped with a power supply, which is plugged into the cigarette lighter connector, and that power supply can generally reach 40V. If there is no power supply, the 12V input is the maximum, and cannot exceed 24V.

What is the relationship between current sound and stereo wiring connection?


As you know, there are many reasons for problems with electronic devices. Such as human factors, natural environmental factors, other factors, etc. So, what exactly the specific relationship between current sound and stereo wiring connection?


①The ground wire is not handled properly.

The interference of outside factors is brought into the circuit of the navigation system. An electronic rectifier can be added before the terminal connectors. The role of the electronic rectifier is to help the car eliminate clutter interference, stabilize the output voltage, accelerate the throttle response, extend the battery life, improve the ignition efficiency, etc. Especially for small-displacement cars, the effect is more obvious.

②The blue automatic antenna wire is connected by mistake.


The transmission of the antenna signal belongs to the radio frequency signal. The emission of radio frequency signals will have a certain impact on the transmission of audio signals.


The car head unit is the core part of the car stereo system. The main function is to play the audio source, which is equivalent to the DVD player of the home theater. However, in order to be more suitable for the narrow space in the car, the car stereo often has a certain power factory amp capability.


In the entire car stereo system, the head unit, as the final signal source, can be regarded as the most basic and important of all components. To obtain the ideal sound quality, the head unit must first ensure the correct wire harness connectors, second choosing a better configured head unit also makes the icing on the cake.


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