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How to upgrade 2006-2011 Honda CRV Car Stereo

YuanYuan Liu |

How to upgrade 2006-2011 Honda CRV Car Stereo


The 2006-2011 Honda CRV 's factory stereo system is competent if you're going to play some rock music in your daily drive, but that's about it. If you care about sound, you'll definitely want to install some aftermarket upgrades.

The immediate purpose of this article is to give you a clear understanding of how to remove GPS navigation and install an aftermarket head unit from a 2006-2011 Honda CRV. If your car matches the car brand type, then you can refer to the steps to upgrade the head unit. Therefore, an advanced car radio will make your driving happier and safer because of the variety and versatility of performance.


Preparation Work:


  1. Please park the car and unplug the negative power cord to avoid danger.
  2. Make sure all tied wires are separated by electrical tape.
  3. Make sure the ignition switch is turned off to avoid short circuit.
  4. Improper use of the fuse may cause a fire, so please consult a professional when replacing the fuse.


upgrade of Honda CRV


Remove and Install 2006-2011 Honda CRV Car Radio Navigation System


Replacing the CRV's factory navigation would mean losing some features (if they were there in the first place) like select inputs, the factory navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio. The good news is that you can get all of these features with the right aftermarket receiver.

Step 1: Use a pry tool to pry out the speed controller, gently pull out the speed controller, and set aside.


upgrade of Honda CRV



upgrade of Honda CRV


Step 2: Loosen the two 10mm bolts below the radio and remove the trim plate with a disassembly tool.


Step 3: Pull out the panel on top and unscrew the two 10mm bolts on the radio.


upgrade of Honda CRV


upgrade of Honda CRV


Step 4: Unplug the radio and disconnect the wire harness behind the radio.


upgrade of Honda CRV


Step 5: Remove the screws holding the hazard warning switch to the radio and remove the switch.


Step 6: Install the hazard warning switch and tighten the screws.


Step 7: Complete the antenna and cable connections step by step according to the installation instructions.


Step 8: Connect the new Binize Honda CRV head unit to your dashboard, check the wiring harness connections, the location of the new unit.


Step 9: Check if the device is working properly.


Step 10: When the radio is working properly, push the radio into place, tighten the four dismantled bolts, and make panel back on the new unit.


Tools needed: Trim removal tool, Phillips screwdriver, Ratchet wrench and 10mm socket


Hope you have no questions about the installation and removal of the 2006-2011 Honda CRV car stereo. If you still have some confusion, please feel free to contact the dealer or professional support. Of course, you can check out the links below for more information:

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