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How to add Toyota CarPlay apple box ?

How to add Toyota CarPlay apple box ?

YuanYuan Liu |

How to add Toyota CarPlay apple box ?


The three giants in Toyota pickups, Tundra, Hilux, Tacoma. Even with the modernization of the competition, Toyota CarPlay apple has also been a topic of conversation.Even so, I still find old and even downright vintage vehicles a lot of fun to drive.The 2019 Tacoma TRD Sport can be seen as a way of life-enhancing as an alternative that does the same factor as the relatively unchanged truck.


Toyota CarPlay apple




     Rugged road adaptability.


     Truck bed has tie-down cleats and power sockets.


     The top V6 can be paired with a six-speed manual transmission.




     The emphasis on off-road functions results in a higher boost altitude.


     Turning around on the sidewalk seems a little bit slow.


     Without Toyota CarPlay apple.



Toyota CarPlay apple


The Tacoma is not only a force in the mid-level truck market, but also a force in the off-road community as well. It has provided buyers with a competent canvas for countless off-road upgrades over the decades, and Toyota has been steadily adding more and more off-road options to the Tacoma . For 2021 & 2022, Toyota made some aesthetic and mechanical tweaks to its relatively new Trail Edition, while the powerful TRD Pro gets even more with unique suspension components, such as adding Toyota CarPlay apple.


The latest Tacoma is packed with new tech features. Toyota has introduced a new screen for 2020 that is larger in size, sharper map graphics and more responsive than previous models. You also get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone compatibility, and even Amazon Alexa. Built-in navigation is an inexpensive upgrade option that might be worth checking out if you plan on venturing out of your phone's range frequently.


But for most users, they don't want to be limited to the Wince system of the original car, Android system is a trend, and it will be more perfect if it can be equipped with wireless CarPlay even wireless android auto.



Here is a video of introducing how to add wireless Toyota CarPlay apple


Binize wireless apple CarPlay and Android Auto AI box, just realizes the One-step upgrade on the basis of the original car, no more need for complicated installation steps, just need your car support OEM wired CarPlay, then it will work so nice. Just look at this YouTube influencer's performance and expression in the video and you will know how exciting it is.


Toyota CarPlay apple



Wireless Auto Play operation principle:


  1. Using screen projection technology, mobile phone transmits the screen content to the car center console in the form of video data, thendisplays it on the screen.


  1. Mobile phone manages the car screen, speakers and other resources. The use of these resources by either car head unitor mobile phone is subject to the decision of the mobile phone.